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The Athletic-Minded Traveler

  • Authors: Jim Kaese, Paul Huddle
  • Paperback: 435 pages
  • Publisher: Socal Publishing (2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0975306073

With workout routines frequently delayed, postponed or cancelled by inadequate hotel exercise rooms, dilapidated equipment, short lap pools and unknown running routes, frequent fliers now have a reason to jump rope for joy! A new book, “The Athletic-Minded Traveler - Where To Work Out And Stay When Fitness Is A Priority” by Jim Kaese and Paul Huddle, rescues those with a penchant for purposeful sweat by identifying, rating and recommending the best places to stay and work out in 78 popular U.S. business and leisure destinations. Fitness enthusiasts can stop spending countless hours online filtering through marketing puffery and questioning uninformed hotel staff in an attempt to determine whether a facility is truly “state-of-the-art”. Instead they can consult “The Athletic-Minded Traveler” to resolve their workout questions long before their bags are packed. After personally touring over 1100 hotels and fitness venues that made their first cut, the authors recommend more than five hundred locations conducive to an active lifestyle. “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” hotel recommendations are organized into three price categories and other fitness venues such as health clubs, lap pools, community centers and running routes are detailed in a “Beyond Hotels” section for each destination. Active travelers will appreciate chart breakdowns specifying equipment brands, quantities and quality along with facility size, aesthetics, cost, and more. Much more than a list of fitness options, “The Athletic-Minded Traveler” allows readers to discover accommodations and venues that match their personal preferences, budgets and athletic needs. Travelers can have it all-the right hotel, the right workout and the right location. Co-authors Kaese and Huddle have earned their travel and fitness “wings” through years of globetrotting as business entrepreneurs, endurance sport coaches and competitive triathletes. Both write monthly columns for ”Triathlete Magazine” and Huddle is the co-author of ”Starting Out Triathlon” and ”Start to Finish Ironman Training”. Together they have made traveling in athletic style a reality.

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