Irunside - Private running investigator

 The case of Mr. 88 - On the second Friday of the month of April of 19.. (the date doesn't really matter, but I remember it well because it was the day I sprained my ankle at the park while training for a marathon)... On that very day and at the same time, but in a different part of town, a locker was broken into at a popular gym. It had never happened before, and the owner of the gym was in shock.
 Mrs. Squinzi is here - Mrs. Squinzi walked into the office and was briefly disappointed by the looks of the famous detective. She had pictured a tall, tough and good-looking individual and what she saw instead was a rather short, thin and completely insignificant guy.
 An out of the ordinary euphoria - He looked at the beautiful athlete standing in front of him and recognized Laura P., two-times Olympian a couple of... well... decades ago. She was looking extraordinarily good, in spite of being past her prime. He looked at her closely: she looked and sounded wired up.
 About the author - A Florentine in Seattle had the idea and a Turinese from Turin, city of the Winter Olympic, developed it. Both guys are shy and mysterious, just like Irunside. What can we say about them? Well... they are marathoners.

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