Hotel running maps

As running becomes more and more popular, everywhere in the world hotels and hostels, inns and motels, resorts and lodgings are discovering that providing their guests with jogging maps of suggested courses around the block, is an appreciated feature. This is the virtual hotel concierge service that offer its cyberguest useful maps from all over the world. These maps come in different styles, different designs, and different level of details, but nonetheless they are an added value to the 308 suggestions on where to run currently offered by in all the seven continents.





How to contribute - If you know of any hotel offering a jogging map that is currently not included in this list, simply contact us, making sure to indicate the name and the location of the hotel: we will try to contact them and add their jogging map to this collection.

The list of hotels in this webpage is intended as a complimentary service to runners and walkers for informational purposes only. The listed hotels are not necessarily endorsed by, which cannot be held responsible for the quality of the service provided by the hotel. offers maps, links and hotel information solely as a convenience to you.

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