Running challenges

 100 days of running - The road to change is long. It does not come in pill, powder or liquid form. It won't happen overnight and it won't always be comfortable. But when it is over you will know what you are made of and you will know what it takes to change. The road to change isn't for the swift, but to those that keep on running.
 50 States half marathon club - You can choose from "The 50 States Half Marathon Challenge", "The 50 States Endurance Challenge", or "The 100 Half Anywhere Challenge". Enjoying hundreds of discounts to many half marathon events across the U.S. and go for the Finisher trophy.
 Run 5k a day - The goal is to begin a running streak and to run 5 kilometers a day - that's just 3.1 miles a day - every day. It does not matter how fast you run, how slowly you run - or even how many miles past 3.1 you run. The only criteria is that you commit to run 3.1 miles every day of the year.
 Moon Joggers - Space is our final frontier, and the mission of the Moon Joggers is to connect and challenge all human beings on planet Earth to start running; to explore the Moon, planets and sun of our solar system; and to boldly run where no man has run before.

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