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 Toxic seaweeds kills runner - A jogger is feared to have died after being overcome by toxic fumes coming from sea lettuce, a green algae that produces hydrogen sulphide when trapped under a seaweed crust, and can prove as deadly as cynanide.
  Marathon runner rides bus to third place - A British runner was stripped of his third-place marathon medal when it was discovered that he got an "unfare" advantage from a tourist bus. Cairns, a police officer, was awarded the third-place medal after the runner's disqualification.
 Get off the indoor hamster wheel - Winter is approaching. Get off the hamster wheel and get outdoors! While the cold, wet, dark months can make outdoor activities challenging, proper planning and preparation will make winter running a snap. Here are a few tips for dealing with winter challenges.
 King of Pedestrianism - George Littlewood, born 1859, was a phenomenal runner who is already being talked about as probably being the greatest ultra long-distance foot athlete the world has ever seen. He became a sporting superstar of his day travelling over to America on several occasions.
 Running in cold weather - When the thermometer drops don't let low temperatures stop you from going out for a great run. You may be tempted to replace your outdoor run with the treadmill, but running in cold weather can be fun and comfortable. Here are a series of articles with advices and tips on cold weather running.

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