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  Top 10 reasons to start running - Research over the past several years suggests that running is a great medicine for any ailment. But running is not only a medicine, is a way to set your self free, to enjoy nature and socialize with other runners. Here are the best reasons why you should start running.
 5 ways to stop beating up your running self - Most of the time not only are we our own worst enemies, but we are our own worst critics. I read somewhere recently that almost everyone suffers from the "not enoughness" disease. I'm not going to lie it makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one.
 Marathon day support - If you are planning to have friends and family cheer you on during your marathon, read this useful tips to be sure they can actually see you and that you can see them. It could be a major disappointment to expect to see your supporters at a specific point and not finding them there.
 Why former drunks make unstoppable runners - Chronic drinkers and struggling alcoholics are already pre-programmed to chew up the pavement - even tackle a marathon. In fact, they have spent a good chunk of their bleary-eyed, morally dubious days and nights developing the perfect toolbox: single-minded focus; endurance; tolerance for mental and physical distress; prowess at spending time alone; aptitude at navigating embarrassment.
 Green guide for runners - These days, it seems like everyone is going green. There are a variety of ways to live green, but have you thought about greening up your next run? Here are a few easy tips for saving the planet all in a day's run.
 How to create a free or low-cost website for your running event - Is your running event an inaugural event with little or no budget to start out with, but you'd like to have an online presence other than Facebook and Twitter? With so many free and low-cost methods available, here are some free tips for you to get started to create a respectable website for you event.
 Los Angeles night running routes - Night running is a great way to give yourself enough time to spend on your run, but running at night isn't exactly the safest thing in the world. Here is a list of a few tried and true running routes from and around various reaches of Los Angeles County good for night runs.
 Running with your dog - A growing collection of articles for runners and walkers who love to bring their four-legged friends along.
 Insurance tips for runners - Many runners, bicyclists and triathletes are unaware of how their auto and homeowners' insurance policies might apply to them. Here are some tips.
 Running with a slower runner - Most training runs in groups of two or more have a large social component. That's what makes it enjoyable to run together. That's what makes the miles go by so quickly. Here are a few tips to avoid being inconsiderate of the slowest runner in the group.
 8 Tips for running the New York City Marathon - The race weaves through all five boroughs of New York and the crowd is electric. Tens of thousands of runners and about two million spectators will line the streets to cheer you on. Here are a few tips to make the best out of this experience.
 Murder, he wrote - Running shoes are born, bought. brutalized and then they die. It is, however, a natural death, this humane form of "shoe killing". While it's not a pretty sight, it's normal, accepted and legal. Shoes die so you can live to run.
 Running's little encouragements for the new year - "For every uphill, there is a downhill", "Respect slow runners; it's harder to run slower because it takes longer", "Don't criticize volunteers; they make the race possible". These and many more witty adages will help you start the new year with a positive attitude.
  Don't bring your camera to the Color Run - If there hasn't been a "Color Run" 5k or 10k race near you, there probably will be soon. And with all that color, you certainly want to take some pictures, right? Not - with your camera you don't. The "color bombs" they throw out at these runs will ruin your lenses and cameras.
  The dark side of running - Yoda, Jedi Master of the famous Star Wars movies, once said, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." This globally famous quote is very much applicable to runners and their training plan.

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