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 Why running shoes do more harm than good - The design and research team at, designed an infographic that focuses on the harms of running shoes while highlighting what the good and bad can do to your foot.
 Massage for runners - Massage will take you a long way. If you want to perform better and recover better, try it and you won't be disappointed as your workouts and racing times improve dramatically with light, fresh legs.
 True running stories - A growing collection of incredible, bizarre, and unusual stories from the world of running. Prepared to be shocked at what we uncover when it comes to strange news, first-hand accounts, headlines, and reports from running around the world.
  The real Poker Run - A variant of poker requires players to do so much more than just sit around a game table. Called "poker run", this variation on the basic game has participants compete in a "race" whose primary objective is to come up with a winning poker hand by the end of the run.
 Top 10 running shoe myths - Beware of the "dumb running shoe myth" syndrome, a collection of widely held beliefs that are at best half-truths or, more often, just totally bogus notions. Not running magazines, mind you, but rather that tacky newsstand pulp with model-laden covers that boldly promise to help you look better, feel better and, of course, have a better sex life.
 Key-storing tips for runners - Ever returned from a cold winter run, ready to get in your warm car and out of your wet cold clothes, only to discover your keys are laughing at your from inside your locked car? Even if you run from home, you still may have a house key to contend with. So, what's a runner to do? Where can you put that pesky but important key?
 Running in cold weather - When the thermometer drops don't let low temperatures stop you from going out for a great run. You may be tempted to replace your outdoor run with the treadmill, but running in cold weather can be fun and comfortable. Here are a series of articles with advices and tips on cold weather running.
 Tips for running on a budget - Running on a budget can be a difficult task. Compared to other activities, running is a relatively low-cost sport. Here are a few tips to be sure you can maintain your love for running without breaking the bank.
 How to save on running shoes - The next time you are in the market for running shoes, follow these simple suggestions and hunt for the best bargain. Keep in mind though that, even if a shoe seems a great deal, it may wear down faster than a more expensive one, or not be appropriate for your running style.
 Preventing mosquito bites while running - If you are going to be outdoors, chances are you are going to run into a mosquito or two. Or maybe you are one of those unfortunate people who seem to attract every mosquito within a five mile radius. Either way, you don't want to get bitten, so you need an effective strategy for preventing mosquito bites while running.
 Improve running with yoga - Runners tend to focus on running as the primary method of fitness, often ignoring the interconnected balance of the body. Yoga will assist in development of strength, balance,stability, and flexibility to help you with performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Yoga will give you a targeted workout with quick results for your core and legs, and added benefits for your entire body.
  Why you should choose to run in skirts - There is an endless design of trendy sports wear sprouting in the market every now and then. Among the entire sports outfit, skirts for running are considered the top choice by many women. There are a lot of reasons why many women prefer to wear jogging skirts when doing on-the-move activities.
  5 Tips for running in the rain - Running in the rain gives you an incredibly uplifting feeling, one where you feel you are taking on the elements and improving your own fitness at the same time. There are some things you need to be aware of when running in the rain.
  Running when pregnant - If you were a regular runner before you became pregnant, there is no reason not to carry on running just as long as it feels comfortable to do so. There are plenty of reasons why people take up running and for most healthy women there is no reason not to continue to run.
  Tips for running and traveling - If you are an avid runner, running while you are on traveling and vacation is a given. Running while you are on vacation has many advantages but you need to keep some things in mind while running in a different place. Here are some tips to help.

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