Key-storing tips for runners

Raise your hand if you've ever lost a key on a run. Wow! That's a lot of hands! (Mine's raised too.) Better yet, ever returned from a cold winter run, ready to get in your warm car and out of your wet cold clothes, only to discover your keys are laughing at your from inside your locked car? Yep, I've been there too. Even if you run from home, you still may have a house key to contend with. So, what's a runner to do? Where can you put that pesky but important key?

Lace it! - Slide one end of the lace out of the last hole at the top of the shoe. Then slid the key onto the lace until it is flush with the shoe. Next, insert the lace back through the eyelet and re-tie your shoe. Be sure to tie your shoe using a double knot. Secure the other end of the key beneath some of the crisscrossed laces to keep it from bouncing during your run. With doubling knotting the shoe and having the key secured on the string before lacing it through the last eyelet, that key is not going anywhere but along for the run.

Pin it! - Those little pockets inside running shorts can often give a runner a false sense of security. Some of those pockets are barely big enough to hold a pair of nail clippers while others are big enough to hold your entire wallet. In either case a key can easily pop out during a run and be lost for good. To make the pocket more secure, add an extra security measure a safety pin. Simply plop the key in the pocket and then fasten a medium-sized safety pin just above the pin (through all the layers of the pocket). This will keep the pocket opening closed as well as keep the key from jostling around.

Wear it! Buy a cheap pack of elastic hairbands. Simply affix the band to the key. Now the key is ready to be worn on your wrist or you can attach it to your shorts or shirt with a safety pin.

Tie it! - String the key onto one end of the waistband string of your running shorts. Slide the key as close to your shorts as possible, then using the same end of the string, secure the key with an overhand knot. Next, tie both ends of the string into a bow.

Tote it! - There are several "shoe pockets" on the market specially designed so you can safely store your key and then secure the pocket atop your shoe laces. The Amphipod ZipPod Shoe Pocket is one such handy gadget. Many handheld water bottles as well as hydration belts also have handy pockets perfect for key storage.

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