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 Sn÷walk - Runners, hikers and walkers who have found themselves having to push a stroller in the snow or on the ice surely have faced considerable difficulties. Sn÷walks skis in just a few seconds can be applied to most running strollers' wheels.
 RunBell - A two-finger fitness wearable, elegant in design and easy to use. You wear it on your middle and index finger and use your thumb to push down the striker to alert anyone in your way with a clear and loud ring. No shouting, no grunting.
 ThermaCell Heated Insoles - We all know that cold feet are not fun. What about a pair of heated insoles that are wireless, remote-controlled, rechargeable, yet lightweight? These will keep your feet comfortably warm by maintaining your feet around normal body temperature.
 Nike+ Sportband - Nike+ is the website that collects the data from the watch. The website allows the Sportband wearer to store data as well as interact with other users. The information can also be shared with the usual social networking sites.
 Bob Ironman single stroller - Many moms and dads in training give up when they get a baby for the difficulty that they have to train while looking after their newborn. This stroller is easy to cart around with its two-step folding system and lightweight frame made specifically for convenient transport and storage, while the adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride.
 1Band ID - Whether you are a triathlete, a runner, a jogger, a hiker, or any kind of fitness or outdoor enthusiast, making sure you have the right identification with you at all times can help save your life as well as alert family members and loved ones in case anything should ever happen and you were unable to speak for yourself.
 Xinglet Pocket - Running or walking in low light can be sometimes dangerous. But vehicles coming from behind will always spot you since you are seriously hard-to-miss when you are out running around wearing the Xinglet Pocket.
 Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker - Fitbit Zip not only tracks your steps and distance but also tells you how many calories you burnt during a session accurately. Unlike other similar products available in the market Fitbit Zip allows you to sync all of your stats directly to your computer, tablet or your smartphone effortlessly without any hassle.
 Nytro Yankz - With all of the other complications life throws at you, who needs to be worrying about their laces? Remove those tired tie-ups from your shoes and replace them with Nytro Yankz Sure Lace System, the athletic lacing system that will not only save you time in transition, but in getting out the door for your morning training run as well.
 Amphipod Profile-Lite 20 - Great for runners who are training for marathons or longer runs, the Amphipod Profile-Lite 20 is made of ultralight materials with no bouncing feel and slosh that you get when you where regular belts. The chafe-free and fully adjustable belt keeps this handy pack right in place, stride after stride, while providing you with the best comfort.
 Armpocket i-30 Xtreme armband - If you are the type of person who always carries your phone when you run or bring along a camera, you know how it feels to carry these in your pockets. With the Armpocket i-30 Xtreme, the largest armband with three interior pockets and a touch-sensitive window, you can easily store your smartphone, keys, and much more.
 CamelBak Arc Quick Grip water bottle - With its podium arc bottle design it will fit perfectly in your hand and the breathable strap wraps around the hand comfortably and keeps the bottle in place without having to grip it. You can also use the rip and stick pocket to store your extra stuff like stashing keys, cash, IDs and gels.
 Suunto Ambit2 S watch - Talk about running, walking, hiking or any other outdoor activity, you know how useful it is to know what you are doing and how well you are doing it. And sometimes while on the adventures you want to know where you are - that is why Suunto Ambit2 S GPS is the watch for athletes who challenge their limits.
 Wrist ID Sport - You never know what could happen when you are training outdoors and it is always a smart move to be prepared in a case of emergency. Let it be running, walking, hiking or any kind of an adventure sport, the Wrist ID Sport will be your training partner that might save your life one day, who knows.
 Running shoes reviews - A growing collection of shoes reviews and recommendations. Choosing the right running shoes is one of the most important decisions a runner will ever make. Get recommendations on the best running shoes for your type of feet and your running style.

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