Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker

Running or walking is not always about stats - how many steps you take, how far you run, etc. - or it is not even about the time you take to go a distance. But, sometimes, having a small gadget that is capable of giving you information about your run can be really helpful, especially if you are training for something specific.

This is where Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker comes in handy. When you need a bit of a motivation to attain your fitness goals easier, it is always fun to have one with you while training. The best thing about Fitbit Zip is that it not only tracks your steps and distance but also tells you how many calories you burnt during a session accurately. Unlike other similar products available in the market Fitbit Zip allows you to sync all of your stats directly to your computer, tablet or your smartphone effortlessly without any hassle.

With the provided iPhone and Android app you can simple set goals and work to attain them. You can view graphical data and earn badges for your achievements and even participate in friendly competitions using the app or through the Fitbit dashboard.

Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker can be worn anywhere on your body and thanks to the small discrete design you would not even realise you are wearing it. That is not all, Fitbit Zip is also sweat-, rain- and splash-proof and comes with a replaceable battery that will last more than five months. All these features makes it real value for money and the Fitbit Zip is definitely your perfect companion for getting and staying on track.

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