Nytro Yankz

With all of the other complications life throws at you, who needs to be worrying about their laces? Remove those tired tie-ups from your shoes and replace them with Nytro Yankz Sure Lace System, the athletic lacing system that will not only save you time in transition, but in getting out the door for your morning training run as well. Once you fit Nytro Yankz Sure Lace System to your shoe, you never need to re-adjust or tie them again. Your shoes are always ready to go.

The uniquely designed "set and forget" shoelace system allows adjusting to be done from both top and bottom, giving you control of the comfort of your shoes. Take seconds off your transition time. With many colors to choose from you can now color-coordinate with your shoes or choose to stand out from the crowd.

Overall the Yankz lacing system is a great product which will save you time and headaches over traditional laces. Yankz is a high-quality product which will solve lacing problems. Initial lacing issues (i.e., telling yourself there is more than one way to tie your shoes) quickly disappear when your shoe tightens with one pull of the cord. If the Yankz system does not work for you (you are the exception, not the rule), give them to your buddy - they will thank you for it.

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