Armpocket i-30 Xtreme armband

If you are the type of person who always carries your phone when you run or bring along a camera, in case you want to take a higher quality photos or maybe some video, or add an iPod to move your limbs to the groove, you know how it feels to carry these in your pockets. It certainly tends to bounce around. Backpacks and waistpacks are good alternatives, but sometimes they are an overkill.

But fear not, with the Armpocket i-30 Xtreme, the largest armband with maximum storage and three interior pockets, you can easily store your smartphone, keys, and much more. With the touch-sensitive window to navigate your smart phone or your music player that fits the new large smart phones you can operate it on the go without the trouble to take it out and put it back in. The Armpocket i-30 Xtreme is ideal for a long, pre-marathon training run, a day of hiking or exploring the game park, or when you simply want to be hands-free.

The armband is available in three strap sizes, small (arm size 7-11 inches), medium (arm size 10-14 inches) and large (arm size 13-18 inches) measured around upper arm. The arm strap is vented and extremely comfortable to wear. Made of recycled materials and soft natural bamboo rayon, the Armpocket i-30 Xtreme is designed for extended wear.

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