ThermaCell Heated Insoles

We all know that cold feet are not fun. Foot warmers make any cold weather activity, such running or hiking in the winter season or snowshoeing, more comfortable and enjoyable. ThermaCell now offers on the market a pair of heated insoles that are wireless, remote-controlled, rechargeable, yet lightweight. These heated insoles will keep your feet comfortably warm by maintaining a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots, keeping your feet around normal body temperature. This is the main difference from disposable chemical foot-warming pads that get hot to the touch and can make your feet sweat.

ThermaCell Heated Insoles are the latest innovation in outdoor comfort technology. They keep your feet and toes warm in the coldest conditions. Completely wireless, they use embedded lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable well over 500 times for years of use. Operated by remote control, these foot warmers use state-of-the-art thermal technology with a built-in thermostat, so they get warm, but not hot, to the touch.

Simply insert ThermaCell Heated Insoles into the footwear you already own. They turn almost any footwear into heated boots or shoes. These versatile insoles are water resistant, comfortable, durable, and customizable to most foot sizes.

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