Simply put, the Runbell is a proactive solution to a reactive issue. It is a two-finger fitness wearable, elegant in design and easy to use. You wear it on your middle and index finger and use your thumb to push down the striker to alert anyone in your way with a clear and loud ring. Outdoor sports like running, hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding, have tons of accessories, but none of these - until now - addressed the bigger question of safety. Forget having to yell again "On your left" startling a pedestrian and earning you a mean reaction or an angry glare - Runbell has an elegant sound that politely alerts people that you are passing. No shouting, no grunting. People don't like being yelled at. More so: yelling isn't safe, it's reactive. Runbell - the first proactive fitness wearable for pedestrian safety - after its successful crowdfunding campaign is now a must-have accessory for runners around the world, whether they are running on trails, paths, or paved roads.

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