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 Running tips for overweight people - If you are overweight and want to slim down by running, you have just made the right decision. Running is one of the best exercises to lose weight, improve your fitness level, and lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are a few tips to start running and cut those unwanted pounds.
 Running shoes lacing tecniques - Did you know there are different ways that you can lace your shoes to make them more comfortable or to help customize your shoes for your feet? Here are some of the more common shoe lacing patterns to help with some common shoe issues.
  Running with a broken heart - I haven't been running much since The Girl That Ran Away With My Heart moved to another time zone. When she left, I lost my workout partner, my health coach, and my main inspiration to get into shape. Today, I reversed the trend. I still love The Girl and hate The Treadmill, but I shook things up a little and took control of my life again.
  Marathon checklist - U.S. Olympian and National marathon champion Keith Brantly and National cross country and 10,000 meter champion Jon Sinclair share their best advices to help prevent common marathon mistakes.
 18 things to replace toilet paper while out running - Runners throughout time have faced this emergency - the mid-run, sudden and unexpected need for a toilet. Not a wee stop. The other kind. And one of your concerns is what to substitute in for the lack of toilet paper.
 Planning to marry a runner? - So, you are a non-runner and are about to get married to a runner. Don't expect him to be beside you in bed the moment you wake up in the morning. Expect her to accumulate more race singlets and T-shirts than she'll ever need. Here are a few pre-nuptial words of wisdom.
 Mallwalking tips - When walking in a mall, you can never have the heat, rain, snow or the wind as an excuse for not exercising. You have a perfect climate all year through. Plus malls are safe, clean and pollution-free. And, unlike gyms, the malls won't charge you for walking.
  The art of sneaky pee - What do marathon runners do when they are running a race and nature calls? South African ultra-trail superstar Ryan Sandes gives his tips on how to relieve oneself while on the run, and explains why runners should master the skill.
 Choose the best distance - Arguably no decision is more personal than a runner's preferred race distance. After all, your preferred distance is not only a direct reflection of how you view yourself as a runner, but part of the subtle (or not) courtship ritual by which other runners gauge your street cred - which distances have you run, and how many times have you run them?
  3 Crazy running pains - Solved! - There are plenty of enticing things to keep you from your workout - your sweatpants, your warm couch, that extra episode you stayed up to watch on television last night. So you don't need one of these weird, but totally common workout pains to sideline your success. Learn how to prevent them from popping up, plus the fastest healing tips if you have already got them.
  Choose the best running shorts - Those in the market for running shorts demand high quality and better fit for the money they spend. A lot of hype exists between rival manufacturers claiming one company and style is better than another. The truth is most running shorts are high quality.
 How to race a lot without going broke - The notion that running is cheap because it just requires a pair of sneakers is quite simply not true. The good news is that just like there are ways to shave a few seconds off your personal best, there are ways to shave a few dollars off your total running bill.
 Running with allergies and asthma - Exercise, which helps stimulate the cardiovascular system, is an important activity for everyone, including patients who have asthma or other allergic disorders. Although exercise will not cure or necessarily improve their condition, it will help them to feel their best, both physically and psychologically.
 How to wash your running shoes - Runners are generally either very pro-washing or very anti-washing when it comes to cleaning their running shoes. In general, running shoes should not be washed but, in the rare occasions that this is necessary, here is what to do.
 Running in Georgia - Despite the heat and humidity, I managed to run most days in Georgia, exploring new areas and trying, possibly in vain, to counteract the typical Georgia diet, heavy in cheese, eggs and bread. Tbilisi was my favourite running spot, had the greatest variety of things to see, and flat / hilly / on road / off road running options. Tbilisi gets bonus points for having almost no strays dogs.

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