How to save on running shoes

The next time you are in the market for running shoes, follow these simple suggestions and hunt for the best bargain priced around. Keep in mind though that, even if a shoe seems a great deal, it may wear down faster than a more expensive one, or not be appropriate for your running style. You sure do not want to risk an injury just to save some money. So, if you are a novice runner, go to a specialist running store to get some recommendations then read user reviews online to learn about the best running shoe for your foot that is also at the right price for your budget.

Shop for an older model - If you cannot afford the latest running shoes, take a look at the previous version. Often the way to find cheap running shoes and to pick up a bargain is to buy an "older" model. Shoes models sometimes change with the season, so a shoe that is just a few months old usually costs less that its newer version, and often the only difference in the shoes maybe just the color palette.

Buy shoes for the next season - Just like clothes, when the season changes retailers have sales and discounts. The same applies for running shoes. For example in the Summer, when the weather is dry, trail running shoes are often cheaper. So you may as well buy them when they are cheap and put them away until the weather changes.

Check your local running store - It is always recommended that you take a look in your local running store. By trying the actual shoe on, you can make sure that you will get the right shoe, and with the perfect fit for you and your running style. Also, while sometimes local retailers have some bargains on offer, make sure to always check the price online as well.

Check online auction sites - Sometimes you can find cheap running shoes on online auctions (like Ebay) or online classifieds sites (like Craigslist). These may be brand new shoes someone received as a present, or returns. Always make sure to read the sellers feedback, verify they accept returns, and check the final price (including shipping and handling) to confirm the price is actually a bargain.

Look online for discounts and coupons - Before you purchase a new pair of running shoes, make sure there are not special offers online. Search the Internet for the specific brand's or the retailer's name and the words voucher, coupon, promotion, or discount.

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