8 Tips for running the New York City Marathon

Tip 1 - Plan your breakfast the night before as nothing will be open at 6 a.m. when you are leaving your hotel and you won't want to rely on grabbing one of those donuts down at the start.

Tip 2 - Buy some cheap trackies from Old Navy, or somewhere, and a sweatshirt, gloves and a beanie that you can discard at the start line or as you run along because your bag with your phone, wallet and what you need at the end of the race will be transported to Central Park ahead of you. These discarded clothes are picked up and given to the homeless so you're not littering the streets, you're helping a brother out!

Tip 3 - Write your name boldly on the front of your T-shirt and people will shout encouragement to you all the way round. This feels amazing and, when you feel like flagging, people would yell support. Kids try and high-five you too if you run near the side of the road.

Tip 4 - Some corrals start on top of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and some on the bottom. Try and start on the top because the runners underneath get piddled on by those above who can't be bothered waiting for one of the Porta Loos!

Tip 5 - If you have a friend who has been put in a different corral, you can move back. Note: you can only move back, not forward.

Tip 6 - Get your friends to download the New York City Marathon iPhone app to track runners; even if they're not in New York, and they'll be able to keep up with your progress.

Tip 7 - Drinks and toilet stops are at every mile mark beginning at Mile 3. At Mile 17 the party begins with live music, plus more water and sponges. At Mile 18 PowerBar Energy Gels are handed out to help you hurdle "the wall".

Tip 8 - When you finish the race at Central Park you then need to find your numbered truck with your stuff. This may take up to one hour. Plan to meet your friends in a specific spot because it's chaos around the finish line and roads are closed.

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