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TOKYO, JAPAN Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple has prompted emotional words from consumers, tech leaders, and journalists alike. For some, however, words can only say so much. Media producer Joseph Tame showed his appreciation in a more visual way, using two iPhones (plus his legs) to map the equivalent of a digital heart for Steve Jobs. Tame, a marathon runner from Tokyo, ran 13 miles in 2 hours, with a specific route in mind: the Apple logo.

Using the Runkeeper app to track his path through the center of Toyko, Tame's iPhone automatically drew the Apple logo. The route starts out near the Imperial Palace, goes through Roppongi, and weaves around Shinjuku to Kagurazaka. The "bite" in the apple curves around the Imperial Palace, which is the main residence of the emperor (and might be the most expensive square kilometer in the world). Upon closer examination of Tame's running path, it appears he is running through buildings (we're assuming that's his tracing software's fault). Not that running a half marathon isn't impressive in itself.

Tame - creator of a wacky running harness called iRun that has two iPhones to shoot video and two to run GPS and networking software, among other features - has a reputation for drawing odd "GPS trail art." His other shaped routes include a GPS Hello Kitty, a nine-mile Twitter bird, and an elephant.

So why his affinity for Apple? Tame tells that "having a iPhone really has changed my life here in Tokyo. Here in Japan it's like a lifeline (even more so now it can warn me when an earthquake is about to hit)."

During the Jobs tribute run, Tame's average heart rate was 155 beats per minute. Now that's one way to show his Apple love.

Credits - This true article, "Tokyo runner makes 13-mile Apple logo for Jobs" by Boonsri Dickinson, was published on "CNET Crave".

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