Runner hit by a flying deer

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA A 27-year-old Virginia woman was jogging when a passing vehicle hit a deer, sending the animal flying into her, witnesses said. Krystine Rivera of Ashburn was running about 6 p.m. Thursday when a 71-year-old driver hit the animal with her sport utility vehicle, the Washington Post reported.

The deer was sent flying into Rivera, who was left with minor injuries and covered with the animal's blood.

A witness who saw the accident called 911, the Post said.

Rivera suffered a cut to her scalp and a bruise to her right knee. She was released Thursday night after treatment at a local hospital.

"My whole right side hurts," she told the Post.

The driver was also treated and released.

The deer died at the scene.

Rivera, who almost didn't go on the run after a bad day at work, said she was 5 miles into her 7-mile journey when the incident occurred. She doesn't remember the deer hitting her.

"I was running, then I was on the ground and then was listening to the paramedic. I'm surprised I made it out alive," she said.

Rivera said she runs on the path frequently and will still use it despite the accident.

Credits - This true article, "Minor injuries reported after deer flies into Virginia runner", was published on the United Press International website.

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