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Old Westbury

By - State University of New York (SUNY) Old Westbury Campus is one of my favorites. The crowd is growing and a few of us are loyal fans. Even the marathon training runners come by here to add some hills. You can clock 9.2 miles if you run the entire campus and each entrance, i.e. you park in campus parking, run downhill to Route 106, back up but bearing to the left, out to the service entrance near The Hamlet. Run to the Service road and back. Left onto the campus ring road up the hill to the next State University of New York entrance. left into "the meadow" passing the stables all the way to the gates. Back up to the campus ring road. Left and back around to campus parking. Look out for the mammouth hill which at this point is no big deal because each entrance to State University of New York is an uphill battle. The scenery here is beautiful and there is no traffic, no people, no distractions. Just you and the road. It really is a great training ground for runners and those of us faithful users savor every Saturday and Sunday morning here. Submitted by Andrea L. Dupont.

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