Find where to run in 308 places around the world

 Running in Africa - The hottest continent on Earth, Africa is a true runner's paradise with drylands and deserts, savanna plains and very dense jungle regions hosting the world's largest combination of wild animals. Its climate ranges from tropical to subarctic on its highest peaks. Here is a collection of 2 places to run in Africa.
 Running in North America - Here is a collection of 200 places to run in North America.
 Running in Central America - Here is a collection of 6 places to run in Central America.
 Running in South America - Located mostly in the Southern hemisphere, South America is culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse, and home to the world's highest waterfall, the largest river, the longest mountain range, the driest place on Earth, and the largest rainforest. Running in never boring here. Click here to read about the 6 recommended places to run in South America.
 Running in Asia - Here is a collection of 17 places to run in Asia.
 Running in Europe - Here is a collection of 66 places to run in Europe.
 Running in Oceania - Here is a collection of 9 places to run in Oceania.
 Running in Antarctica - The coldest, driest, and windiest continent, Antarctica is an ice desert of incomparable beauty. While a number of governments maintain permanent manned research stations, because of its hostile environment and its isolation Antarctica still remains the Planet's hardest to reach continent and it is truly a runner's last frontier. Here are 2 suggestions on where to run in Antarctica.

 Share your running suggestion - Do you have a course you would like to suggest and share with other runners like you? To add it, simply fill out our form. We will take care of illustrating your suggestion if you do not have a photo to go with your description.

 Hotel running maps - As running becomes more and more popular, everywhere in the world hotels and hostels, inns and motels, resorts and lodgings are discovering that providing their guests with jogging maps of suggested courses around the block, is an appreciated feature. Here is a collection of useful hotel running maps from all over the world. - This website is an intuitive gateway that allows runners to easily find and contact hundreds of sightrunning organizations worldwide, book a tour, and explore a city or trail with a local running guide.

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