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By - I recommend the trails behind Shoreham-Wading River High School and the National Guard site next door. Aside from the main circular trail of sand there are plenty of side trails of dirt and pine needles. I am from Virginia, but fell in love with them on recent visits. Most are wide and clear and branch into other trails for many miles of solitary training. To get there, take the Long Island Expressway to the William Floyd Expressway and go past the Brookhaven labs to Route 25A. Turn right and enter the high school parking lot that is the second left. The trails are accessible next to the high school track or behind the baseball field. I am sure you will love them. I have trained back there for hours in a single day and never done the same trail twice. As far as distances are concerned, I only know that the main "exercise" trail is 0.7 miles and that the rest branch from there. Submitted by Bryon Mayberry.

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