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| display the last items in the feed first | | author | show item authors names | | date | sh... ample:** {{rss> 5 author date 1h }} {{rss> 5 author date 1h }} ---- * [[wiki:syntax|Back to the Syntax page]]
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age ====== {{books:again_to_carthage.jpg|}} * Author: John L. Parker, Jr. * Hardcover: 344 pages *... book was originally sold out of the trunk of the author's car at road races and track meets. The author w
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am (born 1948) is an American marathon runner and author, nicknamed "The Penguin", who has achieved widesp... ng running to the general public. Bingham is the author of several books and the No Need for Speed column
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ChiRunning ====== {{books:chirunning.jpg|}} * Authors: Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer * Paperback: 2... s:tanser toby|Toby Tanser]], sub 2:20 marathoner, author, coach, and member of the New York Road Runners B... r years and years of plowing through books, as an author and sports writer, I am rarely jolted by today's
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r ====== {{books:the_spirited_walker.jpg|}} * Author: Carolyn Scott Kortge * Paperback: 256 pages ... g for Clarity, Balance, and Spiritual Connection" author [[runners:Scott Kortge Carolyn|Carolyn Scott Kort
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the Edge ====== {{books:to_the_edge.jpg|}} * Author: Kirk Johnson * Hardcover: 261 pages * Publis... live. The book is also available as an eBook. The author, a Pulitzer-nominated writer for the "New York Ti
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oks:performance_nutrition_for_runners.jpg|}} * Author: Matt Fitzgerald * Paperback: 256 pages * Pub... omen, children, diabetics, and older runners. The author, Matt Fitzgerald, is a runner, triathlete, and co
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= {{books:the_spirit_of_the_marathon.jpg|}} * Author: Gail Waesche Kislevitz * Paperback: 256 pages ... e!" says [[runners:waitz grete|Grete Waitz]]. The author picks up where his previous fast-selling book lef
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igh ====== {{books:the_runner_s_high.jpg|}} * Author: Garth Battista * Paperback: 256 pages * Publ... ties to explore the metaphysical side of running. Author [[runners:battista garth|Garth Battista]] is the
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e ====== {{books:running_in_the_zone.jpg|}} * Authors: Steve King, Dan Cumming * Paperback: 227 page... alloway jeff|Jeff Galloway]], former Olympian and author of the best selling "[[books:galloway's book on r... a book that is designed for the older runner. The authors are not only experts in their fields, they have
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{{books:the_everything_running_book.jpg|}} * Authors: Art Libermann, Stephen Pribut, Carlo DeVito *... al Carlo DeVito to create the ultimate reference. Author Art Liberman is also a long-time running coach, a... ., is also a marathon runner. Carlo DeVito is the author of several publications. "The Everything Running
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{{books:how_running_changed_my_life.jpg|}} * Author: Garth Battista * Paperback: 272 pages * Publ
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er who emigrated to the United States in 1964. An author, composer, artist and athlete, he is perhaps best