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books:the_runner_and_the_path: 3 Hits
an george|George Sheehan]]'s "[[books:running and being|Running and Being]]". It is a book for anyone who
apparel:nike_air_native_n7: 2 Hits
leading physically active lifestyles. As well as being built on a new Native specific last, the shoe is ... comes at a critical time for the health and well-being of the Native American population," said Dr. Rodn
books:again_to_carthage: 2 Hits
he finds himself — almost without realizing it — being drawn back to the uncompromising intensity of ser... ic team. Fans of "Once a Runner" will rejoice at being reunited with Quenton Cassidy, and those who have
books:bannister_and_beyond: 1 Hits
ympic win; [[runners:walker john|John Walker]] on being the first sub-3:50; [[runners:coghlan eammon|Eamm
books:marathon_training_guide: 1 Hits
aeme Hilditch (founder of leading health and well-being company, GH Training) to create ‘The Marathon Tra
books:no_need_for_speed: 1 Hits
to be, accepting the body you have, the beauty of being realistic about goals), Bingham extends a trusted
books:the_gift_a_runner_s_story: 1 Hits
need to live each and every day with. It's about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even
terminology:running: 1 Hits
rocess that involves the entire body. Every human being runs differently, but certain general features of
apparel:adidas_1: 1 Hits
ompression and therefore the amount of cushioning being used. About 1000 readings per second are taken an
books:running_in_the_zone: 1 Hits
p a person from enjoying this wonderful sport and being active as a competitor, non-competitive practitio
runners:prefontaine_steve: 1 Hits
ue to this he was told to give up on his dream of being the fastest runner on earth. He is known for his
books:happy_feet_healthy_food: 1 Hits
ect for use at home or in school (this journal is being used at many after-school clubs around the countr