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====== ChiRunning ====== {{books:chirunning.jpg|}} * Authors: Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer * Pap... rm of running are now available in Dreyer's first book "ChiRunning" which offers a revolutionary approac... Runners Board of Directors, talks about Dreyer's book as "The most exciting and revolutionary book to h
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====== The Everything Running Book ====== {{books:the_everything_running_book.jpg|}} * Authors: Art ... of several publications. "The Everything Running Book" is a quick and easy guide to getting started on ... running program that works for you. This complete book covers everything you need to know, from eating r
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====== Running in the zone ====== {{books:running_in_the_zone.jpg|}} * Authors: Steve King, Dan Cumm... is what the editors tried to build into this new book. That is exactly what they did according to [[run... former Olympian and author of the best selling "[[books:galloway's book on running|Galloway's Book on Ru
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====== Again to Carthage ====== {{books:again_to_carthage.jpg|}} * Author: John L. Parker, Jr. * Hardcover: 344 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2007) * Language: English * ISBN-10: 1891369... nce of the lives of highly competitive runners: [[books:Once a Runner]] by [[runners:parker l. john jr.|
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====== Kids Running ====== {{books:kids_running.jpg|}} * Author: Carol Goodrow * Paperback: 88 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2008) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369768 There is a grow... em. [[runners:goodrow carol|Carol Goodrow]]'s new book "Kids Running" tells kids (and their parents and
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====== The Runner and the path ====== {{books:the_runner_and_the_path.jpg|}} * Author: Dean Ottati * Hardcover: 269 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2002) * Language: English * ISBN: 189136928... ts [[runners:sheehan george|George Sheehan]]'s "[[books:running and being|Running and Being]]". It is a
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====== How Running Changed My Life ====== {{books:how_running_changed_my_life.jpg|}} * Author: Garth... * Paperback: 272 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2002) * Language: English * ISBN: 189136930... irational, and instructive — making a fascinating book for dewy beginners and grizzled veterans alike. I
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====== Books ====== This section contains a wide selection of publications for runners, but also hikers... [|Books index]] [[ht...|Click here to access more book reviews on our Running books section]] ===== Add
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====== One Man's Leg ====== {{books:one_mans_leg.jpg|}} * Author: Paul Martin * Paperback: 250 pag... elp but want to make lemonade too. And though the book is never didactic, the recipe is there for anyone... skis, bikes and plays hockey) with. To read this book is to experience the life of an athlete vicarious
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====== On the Dead Run ====== {{books:on_the_dead_run.jpg|}} * Author: Steven A. Simon * Paperback... wer and on the isolated forest trails nearby. The book - the first novel by [[runners:simon stepven|Stev... any hours running on the trails described in this book - covers a pivotal three-month period in the life
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====== To the Edge ====== {{books:to_the_edge.jpg|}} * Author: Kirk Johnson * Hardcover: 261 pages * Publisher: Warner Books (2001) * Language: English * ISBN: 0446526177 The "[[races:badwate... e and, ultimately, what it means to be alive. The book is also available as an eBook. The author, a Puli
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====== Bannister and Beyond ====== {{books:bannister_and_beyond.jpg|}} * Author: Jim Denison * Hardcover: 288 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2003) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369350 ... his is an important piece of track history, and a book to edify and inspire all runners. [[http://www.a
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====== Textbook of Running Medicine ====== {{books:textbook_of_running_medicine.jpg|}} * Authors: Fr... his much loved sport in classic guides such as "[[books:Dr. Sheehan on Running|Dr. Sheehan on Running]]"... ry presented to clinicians. Yet this is the first book to offer in-depth clinical coverage of the medica
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====== See Mom Run ====== {{books:see_mom_run.jpg|}} * Author: Kara Douglass Thom, illustrated by Li... * Hardcover: 32 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2003) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369407 Finally, a book on running that active parents can read to their kids (or to grandchildren, or to