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and illustrator of children's running and fitness books. ===== Bibliography ===== * Goodrow, Carol (2004). [[books:happy feet healthy food|Happy Feet, Healthy Food]]. Breakaway Books. ISBN 1891369466. * Goodrow, Carol (2006). [[books:the treasure of health and happiness|The Treasure of Health an
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outes throughout the U.S. and internationally. "[[books:Fun on Foot in New England]]" is the first regional follow-up title to the award winning "[[books:Fun on Foot in America's Cities]]". Warwick's previ... k (2006). Fun on Foot in America's Cities. Wyltan Books. ISBN 0976524406. * Ford, Warwick (2007). Fun o
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====== The Penguin Brigade Training Log ====== {{books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log.jpg|}} * Auth... * Paperback: 160 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (May 2003) * Language: English * ISBN-10: 189... ke pride in their running. As his fame grows, his books sell faster. "[[books:the courage to start|The Co
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====== The Spirit of the Marathon ====== {{books:the_spirit_of_the_marathon.jpg|}} * Author: Gail Wae... * Paperback: 256 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2003) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369369... Waesche Kislevitz]] is the companion volume to "[[books:first marathons|First Marathons]]". It will infor
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====== The Runner's High ====== {{books:the_runner_s_high.jpg|}} * Author: Garth Battista * Paperback: 256 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2004) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369490 The ... ttista garth|Garth Battista]] is the editor of "[[books:the runner's literary companion|The Runner's Lite
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Jr. is the author of the highly acclaimed novel [[books:Once a Runner]] and [[books:Again to Carthage]]. ... L., Jr. (2007). Again To Carthage : The Sequel to Once a Runner. Breakaway Books. ISBN 1891369776. ----
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====== Again to Carthage ====== {{books:again_to_carthage.jpg|}} * Author: John L. Parker, Jr. * Hardcover: 344 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2007) * Language: English * ISBN-10: 18913697... nce of the lives of highly competitive runners: [[books:Once a Runner]] by [[runners:parker l. john jr.|J
books:the_athletic-minded_traveler: 4 Hits
====== The Athletic-Minded Traveler ====== {{books:the_athletic_minded_traveler.jpg|}} * Authors: Jim... ete Magazine]]" and Huddle is the co-author of "[[books:Starting Out Triathlon|Starting Out Triathlon]]" and "[[books:Start to Finish Ironman Training|Start to Finish Ironman Training]]". Together they hav
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====== How Running Changed My Life ====== {{books:how_running_changed_my_life.jpg|}} * Author: Garth ... * Paperback: 272 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2002) * Language: English * ISBN: 189136930X... attista_garth|Garth Battista]] - the editor of "[[books:The Runner's Literary Companion]]" - collected an
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====== The Runner and the path ====== {{books:the_runner_and_the_path.jpg|}} * Author: Dean Ottati * Hardcover: 269 pages * Publisher: Breakaway Books (2002) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369288... ts [[runners:sheehan george|George Sheehan]]'s "[[books:running and being|Running and Being]]". It is a b
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====== Books ====== This section contains a wide selection of publications for runners, but also hikers ... [|Books index]] [[htt... k here to access more book reviews on our Running books section]] ===== Add a new Book webpage ===== To
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====== ChiRunning ====== {{books:chirunning.jpg|}} * Authors: Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer * Pape... tinues: "After years and years of plowing through books, as an author and sports writer, I am rarely jolt... ieve me I have read at least one thousand running books in the last few years alone. This is my first pos
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general public. Bingham is the author of several books and the No Need for Speed column in Runner's Worl... A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running. Rodale Books. ISBN 1-57954-429-0. * Bingham, John (2003). Ma... ng or Walking a Half-Marathon or Marathon. Rodale Books. ISBN 1-57954-782-6. ===== Links ===== [[http:/
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====== Running in the zone ====== {{books:running_in_the_zone.jpg|}} * Authors: Steve King, Dan Cummi... former Olympian and author of the best selling "[[books:galloway's book on running|Galloway's Book on Run
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