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races:helsinki_city_marathon: 3 Hits
sinki City Marathon is held in August in [[places:europe:finland:helsinki|Helsinki]], [[places:europe:finl
clubs:boston_athletic_association: 3 Hits
e first modern Olympics, held in 1896 in [[places:europe:greece:athens|Athens]], [[places:europe:greece|Gr
runners:bannister_roger: 3 Hits
n, but set a British record of 4:04.2 in [[places:europe:sweden:Göteborg|Göteborg]] on 9 September. Like W... his training goals on the 1952 games in [[places:europe:finland:helsinki|Helsinki]]. In 1949, he improve... Arthur Wint, then ran 1:50.7 for the 800 m at the European Championships on 26 August, placing third. Chas
races:nude_running_events: 3 Hits
ces:trofeo_patxi_ros|Trofeo Patxi Ros]], [[places:europe:spain:sopelana|Sopelana]], [[places:europe:spain|
races:trofeo_patxi_ros: 3 Hits
h of his favourite hobbies organizing in [[places:europe:spain:sopelana|Sopelana]] the first edition of th... ace". This was a pioneer sports event in [[places:europe:spain|Spain]], not because of its distance to run
magazines:rundown_events: 3 Hits
nts large and small in the South West of [[places:europe:united_kingdom:england|England]] and [[places:europe:united_kingdom:wales|Wales]]. Race entries from further afield have been growing in number in re
races:stockholm_marathon: 3 Hits
olm Marathon held in the month of May in [[places:europe:sweden:stockholm|Stockholm]], [[places:europe:swe
races:north_american_wife_carrying_championship: 2 Hits
he origin of the competition is based in [[places:europe:finland|Finnish]] history. A notorious 19th centu
magazines:running_fitness: 2 Hits
=== A monthly magazine published in the [[places:europe:united_kingdom|United Kingdom]] 12 times a year.
clubs:olympic_committee_of_kosovo: 2 Hits
Kosovo ====== The Olympic Committee of [[places:europe:Kosovo]] (Komiteti Olimpik i Kosoves) was officia
terminology:canicross: 1 Hits
running while hitched to a dog. It is popular in Europe. It is related to the winter dog-powered sport of
books:the_ultimate_guide_to_international_marathons: 1 Hits
SBN-13: 978-0965518710 From the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond, "The Ultimate Guide to Internat
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