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books:happy_feet_healthy_food: 2 Hits
happy_feet_healthy_food.jpg|}} * Author: Carol Goodrow * Hardcover: 112 pages * Publisher: Breaka... ave help: "Happy feet, healthy food" by [[runners:goodrow carol|Carol Goodrow]]. It is informative, easy... to use, geared specifically to children, and just good plain fun. It is a simple daily journal that can
books:kids_running: 2 Hits
= {{books:kids_running.jpg|}} * Author: Carol Goodrow * Paperback: 88 pages * Publisher: Breakaw... and fitness boom they see around them. [[runners:goodrow carol|Carol Goodrow]]'s new book "Kids Running... rted, training, fun runs, races, proper footwear, good eating habits, cross-training, safety, running ga
books:one_man_s_leg: 1 Hits
it, lurking between the lines, evident in Paul's good humor and in every choice he makes. Paul's endura
runners:dreyer_danny: 1 Hits
is life and the foundation of what he teaches. "A good runner leaves no footprints". ===== Bibliography
books:how_running_changed_my_life: 1 Hits
nx takes up running and finds her strength, and a good side of life. One man, viciously attacked on a re
runners:bannister_roger: 1 Hits
record which, Bannister felt in retrospect, was a good decision. "My feeling as I look back is one of gr
books:no_need_for_speed: 1 Hits
* ISBN: 1579544290 "People will tell you lots of good reasons to start running: lose weight, get fit, h
races:toronto_waterfront_marathon: 1 Hits
arathon|Boston Marathon]], having a memorable but good first marathon or an outstanding one. Even power
books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log: 1 Hits
s dedicated to the notion that //any// running is good running, and that just waddling along can save yo
books:on_the_dead_run: 1 Hits
f and others that she can make it on her own. The good times are short-lived, however, as a controversia
runners:mcdermott_bill: 1 Hits
ieves. Bill is also a firm believer that there is good in everyone, and that "we all get better with age