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d seeing it surpassed during the war years by the great Swedish runners [[runners:andersson arne|Arne And... vel. However, he was further inspired to become a great miler by watching the 1948 Olympics. He set his t... od decision. "My feeling as I look back is one of great relief that I did not run a four-minute mile unde
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, and the four-minute mile stands as a measure of greatness. "Bannister and Beyond: The Mystique of the F... contains interviews with and commentary from the great milers, from Bannister to his great rival, [[runn... collections of the year leading up to Bannister's great moment, and the flood of extraordinary miles that
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tive N7 marks an important moment for us and is a great example of what can be achieved when we challenge
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ions develop biologically differently giving them greater performance in short duration-high intensity ac... nology:running]], swimming, and cycling require a great deal of oxygen to generate the energy needed for