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racking, and journal writing. It is a fun-filled, information-packed glimpse of four kid runners as they jog, w... -hearted riddles and jokes to help impart serious information. It is a book for all kids, from the fun runner t... is or her running. With a lively mix of pictures, information, vocabulary, and some entertaining asides, this b
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st knowledge base of running-related articles and information. [[apparel]] | [[books]] | [[clubs]] | [[humor]]... er runners like you. Do not be afraid to add more information or to edit existing articles — find something tha... d help make the best running information source on the Internet! {{athlete.jpg|}} =====
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====== Races ====== This section contains information about running and other running-related events from all ... reate a new page. It is that easy! (To make your information easier to discover, remember that you can also ad
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earn how to train for a marathon. He searched for information about training and racing and discovered there was little information available. So at age 17, he decided to start his own publication. His goal was
wiki:how_to_contribute: 2 Hits
ngs, articles, events, images and running-related information to this worldwide database created and managed by... asy-to-use Wiki. All documentation and additional information, inclunding a comprehensive manual, Frequently As
books:runner_s_world_performance_nutrition_for_runners: 1 Hits
nd race successfully. Readers will learn detailed information on nutritional topics important to runners, from
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====== Resources ====== This section contains information about running and other running-related resources fr
books:chirunning: 1 Hits
I was thoroughly entranced, by the vast wealth of information packed into the 200-pages. On every single page I
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====== Clubs ====== This section contains information about local running clubs and much broader associations
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different cultures ====== This section contains information about running in different cultures. [[http://ww
books:no_need_for_speed: 1 Hits
y and the how of running for the rest of us. With information both practical (how to find the right running sho
books:textbook_of_running_medicine: 1 Hits
rs. Supplanting the scattered and often imprecise information found in [[terminology:orthopedic|orthopedics]] m
resources:world_championship_sports_network: 1 Hits
p athletes and in depth access to sports news and information year round. It offers comprehensive coverage
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====== Runners ====== This section contains information about all time famous runners. [[http://www.worldwide
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