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books:the_runner_and_the_path: 7 Hits
ng, talented corporate executive seeks meaning in life, beyond the regrets and excuses for the valuable ... he examines love, family, and the very fabric of life. This is "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenan... nyone who feels the famine of meaning in everyday life, for anyone attempting to successfully balance wo
books:how_running_changed_my_life: 7 Hits
====== How Running Changed My Life ====== {{books:how_running_changed_my_life.jpg|}} * Author: Garth... hard to wholly describe: running will change your life. In big ways and small, for a moment, for the res... e electrifying stories in "How Running Changed My Life: True Stories of the Power of Running" capture th
books:one_man_s_leg: 5 Hits
he story of [[runners:martin paul|Paul Martin]]'s life to date. And what a life it has been. Whether the... it impossible not to want to turn the page: when life hands Paul Martin lemons, he makes lemonade. Read... key) with. To read this book is to experience the life of an athlete vicariously, to learn to redefine "
books:the_spirit_of_the_marathon: 3 Hits
arathon, and How to Run Them for the Rest of Your Life" by [[runners:Waesche Kislevitz Gail|Gail Waesche... ons a year. "Gail's stories bring the marathon to life!" says [[runners:waitz grete|Grete Waitz]]. The a... ople profiled there, to see how their marathoning life has progressed since their first race. And it inc
books:on_the_dead_run: 3 Hits
book - covers a pivotal three-month period in the life of Julie Davidson, an insecure but determined 31-... icularly its mental aspects, is undermined by her life's events. As through astute reasoning, dogged det... ity of a person who wanted him dead, she puts her life on the line. [[
books:the_runner_s_high: 3 Hits
Companion]]" and "[[books:how running changed my life|How Running Changed My Life]]". [[http://www.ama
books:again_to_carthage: 2 Hits
ears later he finds himself leading a comfortable life as a young lawyer in south Florida, spending his ... nd skin diving in the Bahamas. As pleasant as his life is, he finds himself — almost without realizing i
books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log: 2 Hits
soul. Running brings joy and fitness and a better life. [[runners:bingham john|John "The Penguin" Bingha... ne in training: for a race, for fun, for a better life. [[
races:spartan-sprint-indiana: 1 Hits
.. And will make anyone who embarks a Spartan for life. Get ready for Andy and Joe to take you out of y
books:see_mom_run: 1 Hits
ou get that medal!). It points the way forward in life for happy, healthy, active kids. [[
books:the_spirited_walker: 1 Hits
take the first step and motivates you to walk for life with an approach to fitness that puts care of the
books:happy_feet_healthy_food: 1 Hits
have through sports. It points the way forward in life for happy, healthy, active kids. [[
apparel:adidas_1: 1 Hits
le and lasts for 100 hours of running (the normal life of a shoe), provides the motor's power. The chang
races:towpath_marathon: 1 Hits
The course has changed many times throughout the life of the marathon and most recently drew attention