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===== Add a link ===== **External** links are recognized automatically: ...> are recognized as well. External links are recognized automatically: http://www.worldw...> are recognized as well. **Internal** links are created by using square brackets. You can eit
races:world_run_day: 2 Hits
nt in their location. World Run Day also provides links to other resources that can benefit the event director. ===== Links ===== [[|World Run Day official site]] ----
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r text]] * [[wiki:lists|Add a list]] * [[wiki:links|Add a link]] * [[wiki:images|Add an image]] *
races:winter_pineapple_classic: 1 Hits
e, aged 16 and over, at any fitness level. ===== Links ===== [[|Winter
races:dawg_dash: 1 Hits
school. Both courses are USATF certified. ===== Links ===== [[|Dawg Dash offici
resources:world_championship_sports_network: 1 Hits
through related websites and publications. ===== Links ===== [[|World Championship S
races:napa_valley_marathon: 1 Hits
est Rural Marathon" in the United States. ===== Links ===== [[|Napa V
runners:maurer_paul: 1 Hits
nner's Story]]. ISBN 1411669258. ===== Links ===== [[|]] ----
races:seattle_marathon: 1 Hits
on. The course is RRCA and AIMS certified. ===== Links ===== [[|Seattle M
runners:demar_clarence: 1 Hits
ery best... as he was during his lifetime. ===== Links ===== [[|Clarence De
races:helsinki_city_marathon: 1 Hits
are all located along the marathon route. ===== Links ===== [[|Hels
runners:ford_warwick: 1 Hits
ew England. Wyltan Books. ISBN 0976524414. ===== Links ===== [[|Fun on Foot]]
runners:pietri_dorando: 1 Hits
eath, of a heart attack, at the age of 56. ===== Links ===== [[|Dorando
magazines:runners: 1 Hits
for all runners in [[places:asia:Japan]]. ===== Links ===== [[|Runners magazine of