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====== The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons ====== {{books:ultimate_guide_to_international_marathons.jpg|}} * Authors: Dennis Craythorn, Rich Hanna * Paperback: 352 pages * Publisher: Capita... and beyond, "The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons" by [[runners:craythorn_dennis|Dennis Craythorn]
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====== Stockholm Marathon ====== The Stockholm Marathon held in the month of May in [[places:europe:sweden:... europe:sweden|Sweden]], is ranked as the number 1 marathon destination in the world by [[books:The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons]]. In the ranking the Stockholm Marathon is followed by [[races:lon
races:world_marathon_majors: 12 Hits
====== World Marathon Majors ====== The World Marathon Majors is a championship style competition that star... York City. Athletes who compete in the designated marathons will receive points for each top five finish pla... on and, if necessary, a majority vote of the five marathons race directors. The leading man and woman at the
books:the_spirit_of_the_marathon: 10 Hits
====== The Spirit of the Marathon ====== {{books:the_spirit_of_the_marathon.jpg|}} * Author: Gail Waesch... English * ISBN: 1891369369 "The Spirit of the Marathon: What to Expect in Your First Marathon, and How t... evitz]] is the companion volume to "[[books:first marathons|First Marathons]]". It will inform, inspire, and
races:boston_marathon: 10 Hits
====== Boston Marathon ====== The "Boston Marathon" is an annual marathon event hosted by the city of [[pla... d inspired by the success of the first modern-day marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics, the "Boston Marathon" is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious
races:new_york_city_marathon: 8 Hits
====== New York City Marathon ====== The New York City Marathon is an annual marathon foot-race run over a 4... five boroughs of New York City. It is the largest marathon race in the world, and with 37,866 finishers in 2006, was also the largest marathon race ever run. Along with the Boston Marathon and Chicago Maratho
races:napa_valley_marathon: 8 Hits
====== Napa Valley Marathon ====== The Napa Valley Marathon boasts one of the most beautiful courses in the... nd promoting quality road racing, the Napa Valley Marathon is known as the "biggest little marathon in the West." The Napa Valley Marathon has earned a reputation for outstanding runner support, attention to
books:running_in_the_zone: 8 Hits
* ISBN: 1412068576 Imagine yourself running a marathon! Now imagine doing it in 2:47:02 - yes two hours,... 6 to 76) and collectively have run well over 1250 marathons, not counting many ultramarathons. Some have ove... tors have run virtually every distance up to ultramarathons, most have done the marathon. The fastest was a
races:toronto_waterfront_marathon: 7 Hits
====== Toronto Waterfront Marathon ====== The Toronto Waterfront Marathon starts and finishes in the heart ... lat course. It was one of North America's fastest marathons in 2006 with a time of 2:10:15. The flat and fas... personal best, qualifying for the [[races:boston_marathon|Boston Marathon]], having a memorable but good fi
races:chicago_marathon: 7 Hits
====== Chicago Marathon ====== The Chicago Marathon, held in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A.), is one of the five [[races:World Marathon Majors]]. It has been run every year since the 1977 running of the first race under the original name the "Mayor Daley Marathon" drew a field of 4200 runners. It is the fastest
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raining groups such as the "[[races:san francisco marathon|San Francisco Marathon]]", the "[[races:aids marathon|Aids Marathon]]", [[clubs:team in training|Team in Training]], U.S.A. Fit and many others. He p... running journals. Dreyer is an accomplished ultramarathon runner and has raced every distance from ten kilo
races:two_oceans_marathon: 6 Hits
====== Two Oceans Marathon ====== The Two Oceans Marathon always takes place in [[places:africa:south_afric... Town runners to prepare for the [[races:comrades_marathon|Comrades Marathon]]. The 26 runners who set out o... efoot. ===== Links ===== [[|Two Oceans Marathon official site]] ----
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====== Four Bridges Half Marathon ====== The Four Bridges Half Marathon features one of [[places:north_amer... t brings you the [[races:california_international_marathon|California International Marathon]]. ===== Links ===== [[|Four Bridges Half Marathon official site]] ----
races:towpath_marathon: 6 Hits
====== Towpath Marathon ====== The Towpath Marathon was established in 1992 to introduce the Towpath Trail ... ey National Park. Since its inception the Towpath Marathon has grown to become one of Northeast [[places:nor... ca:united_states_of_america:ohio|Ohio]]'s premier marathons for a weekend of outdoor festivities and athleti
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