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1412068576 Imagine yourself running a marathon! Now imagine doing it in 2:47:02 - yes two hours, forty-seven minutes and two seconds. Now imagine you are 64! Too far? Too fast? Too old? Maybe, but that... ] (runner, triathlete and race commentator, well known for his race day announcing at "[[races:ironman
books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log: 2 Hits
ied Piper of the Second Running Boom". Bingham is now a nationally renowned running guru. His columns i... ave sold more than a hundred thousand copies. And now he is joined by coach [[runners:hadfield jenny|Je
books:again_to_carthage: 1 Hits
in print—with many times that number of readers. Now, finally, there is a sequel to "Once a Runner", p
nutrition:gatorade: 1 Hits
n of PepsiCo. Originally made for athletes, it is now commonly consumed as a snack beverage. The drink
books:kids_running: 1 Hits
ment nationwide among grade-school children: many now want to be runners. They like the structure and s... and their parents and teachers) all they need to know about this wonderful sport: getting started, trai
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anaged by runners. Its goal is to be the largest knowledge base of running-related articles and informa... a worldwide running encyclopedia by sharing your knowledge with other runners like you. Do not be afrai... to find out how you can start contributing right now]] **and help make the best r
books:textbook_of_running_medicine: 1 Hits
e athletic activity has only grown in popularity. Now practiced by approximately thirty million people
runners:ford_warwick: 1 Hits
on to get out on-foot enough to maintain fitness. Now, he and Nola have teamed to research and document
books:chirunning: 1 Hits
i Chi with Master Zhu Xilin and internationally renowned Master George Xu, and his thirty years of runn... All the benefits of this new form of running are now available in Dreyer's first book "ChiRunning" whi
books:happy_feet_healthy_food: 1 Hits
o become more involved in their children's health now have help: "Happy feet, healthy food" by [[runner
books:beyond_the_marathon: 1 Hits
universities in Africa and the United States, he now works for the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg, North Carol... y realism of ultrarunning; filled with practical knowledge for anyone attempting a trail 100 and excell
books:the_athletic-minded_traveler: 1 Hits
ms, dilapidated equipment, short lap pools and unknown running routes, frequent fliers now have a reaso
books:no_need_for_speed: 1 Hits
u don't have to run fast to be a real runner!" is now truer than ever. John "The Penguin" Bingham write
runners:mcdermott_bill: 1 Hits
continued his pursuit of running for fitness, and now enjoys competing on Long Island, the New York are