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resources:world_championship_sports_network: 1 Hits
ications. ===== Links ===== [[|World Championship Sports Network official site]] ----
races:seattle_marathon: 1 Hits
IMS certified. ===== Links ===== [[|Seattle Marathon official site]] ----
races:dawg_dash: 1 Hits
courses are USATF certified. ===== Links ===== [[|Dawg Dash official site]] ----
races:winter_pineapple_classic: 1 Hits
el. ===== Links ===== [[|Winter Pineapple Classic official site]] ----
runners:demar_clarence: 1 Hits
lifetime. ===== Links ===== [[|Clarence DeMar marathon official site]] ----
apparel:nike_air_native_n7: 1 Hits
through health promotion and disease prevention programs. [[|Nike official site]] ----
races:north_american_wife_carrying_championship: 1 Hits
//|North American Wife Carrying Championship official site]] ----
races:helsinki_city_marathon: 1 Hits
ute. ===== Links ===== [[|Helsinki City Marathon official site]] ----
runners:pietri_dorando: 1 Hits
asured 42.195 kilometers, a distance which became official from 1921. Fifty-six racers started, including Pi
races:spartan-sprint-indiana: 1 Hits **Official Website:**
magazines:runners: 1 Hits
in [[places:asia:Japan]]. ===== Links ===== [[|Runners magazine official site]] ----
races:vertical_marathon: 1 Hits
/|Vertical Marathon official site]] ----
clubs:running_team_motta_visconti: 1 Hits
Motta Visconti ====== [[|Running Team Motta Visconti official site]] ----
races:napa_valley_marathon: 1 Hits
States. ===== Links ===== [[|Napa Valley Marathon official site]] ----