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races:world_run_day: 4 Hits
ent celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths, nationalities, and be... 's Mission Statement** Since 1999, thousands of people in hundreds of cities worldwide have united their... es there is a lack of funding to help unfortunate people and their circumstances. The running community ca
books:no_need_for_speed: 2 Hits
002) * Language: English * ISBN: 1579544290 "People will tell you lots of good reasons to start runni... run. For some reason, runners are afraid to tell people the real reason they run. We like it! We really l
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ch for eighteen years. He has taught thousands of people the "ChiRunning" technique. He is a popular speak... ers from a running coaching in that he works with people to help them set and accomplish their personal go
runners:bannister_roger: 1 Hits
the AAA Championships at White City before 47,000 people. The time set a meet record and he defeated defen
books:women_runners: 1 Hits
hey are moving works of literature about ordinary people achieving something extraordinary in their lives.
books:textbook_of_running_medicine: 1 Hits
ty. Now practiced by approximately thirty million people in the United States alone, running is not only a 1 Hits
the culture of running, and sharing the inspiring people, places and runs that shape our world! Started by
books:one_man_s_leg: 1 Hits
As one observer puts it, "There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to dance with gravit
books:the_everything_running_book: 1 Hits
nglish * ISBN: 1580626181 Statistics show that people who run regularly are thinner, have lower cholest
races:toronto_waterfront_marathon: 1 Hits
ent have consistently been the reason for so many people reaching a personal best, qualifying for the [[ra
magazines:trail_runner_magazine: 1 Hits
ms trail runners through pictures, stories, gear, people.\\ More information at http://www.trailrunnermag.
races:two_oceans_marathon: 1 Hits
than 9000 entrants. Entry fee was 50 cents and 15 people finished the race. [[runners:steyn_dirkie|Dirkie
apparel:adidas_1: 1 Hits
he shoe was a secret project, known by only a few people even within Adidas. The Adidas 1 shoe was officia
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s form of running became quite popular among many people at that time. Bill Bowerman, after jogging with L