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runners:pietri_dorando: 14 Hits
ner of the time, Pericle Pagliani, took part in a race in Carpi. According to tradition, Pietri was attr... ni. A few days later Pietri débuted in a distance race, finishing second in the 3,000 meters of Bologna.... be held in Athens that same year. In the Olympic race he retired due to intestinal illness when he was
runners:bannister_roger: 10 Hits
challenged Andersson over the distance in several races. Wooderson lost to Andersson, but set a British ... d in the 880 yards to 1:52.7 and won several mile races in 4:11. Then, after a period of six weeks with ... o training paid quick dividends, as he won a mile race in 4:09.9 on 30 December, then in 1951 at the Pen
races:new_york_city_marathon: 5 Hits
New York City Marathon is an annual marathon foot-race run over a 42,195 meters (26.2 mile) course throu... ughs of New York City. It is the largest marathon race in the world, and with 37,866 finishers in 2006, was also the largest marathon race ever run. Along with the Boston Marathon and Chicago Marathon, it
books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log: 4 Hits
spirit, which hundreds of thousands of runners embrace. This second edition is packed with new feaures: ... trends, personal notes, and long term goals; the "Race Celebration" to track all your race results; the Penguin Pace Chart, giving split for race distances 5k to the marathon, and for paces of 6:00 per mi
races:stockholm_marathon: 3 Hits
e ranking the Stockholm Marathon is followed by [[races:london_marathon|London Marathon]], [[races:berlin_marathon|Berlin Marathon]] and [[races:new_york_city_marathon|New York City Marathon]]. Stockholm ... marks in the following categories: course beauty, race organisation, appropriateness for first time mara
races:vertical_marathon: 3 Hits
====== Vertical Marathon ====== {{races:vertical_marathon_singapore.gif|}} Started in 1987, the "Vertical Marathon" is a gruelling 73 floors vertical race up the 1336 steps of Southeast Asia's tallest hot... of November. All participants must complete the race, emerge on the helipad before they are qualified
races:trofeo_patxi_ros: 3 Hits
====== Trofeo Patxi Ros ====== {{races:sopelana.gif|}} In 1999 Patxi Ros, sports and naturism lover, t... ana]] the first edition of the "Sopelana Naturist Race". This was a pioneer sports event in [[places:eur... n naked. Year by year and edition by edition the race became more and more popular with a greater numbe
races: 3 Hits
====== Races ====== This section contains information about running and other running-related events fr... [|Races index]] ===== Add a new Race webpage ===== To add a new Race webpage, simply add the title of your new page to this
races:spartan-sprint-indiana: 3 Hits
{{races:spartan.jpg|}} **When:** April 21st, 2012 **Where:** Haspin Acres 21208 Laurel Rd, Laurel, IN... **♦BONUS♦:** Indiana is the most unique Spartan Race in our circuit. It is the "founders race". It wil... *Start Times:** Heats start at 9am with up to 250 racers and continue every 30 minutes throughout the da
books:running_in_the_zone: 3 Hits
s:king steve|Steve King]] (runner, triathlete and race commentator, well known for his race day announcing at "[[races:ironman canada|Ironman Canada]]", the "[[races:vancouver international marathon|Vancouver International Marathon]]", "[[races:royal victoria marathon|Royal Victoria Marathon]]", "[[race
books:runner_s_world_performance_nutrition_for_runners: 2 Hits
althy, recover faster, enjoy better workouts, and race successfully. Readers will learn detailed informa... maximize their nutritional intake; the top 5 pre-race meals and top 5 healthiest snacks for runners; nu
books:no_need_for_speed: 2 Hits
the right running shoes for you, when to enter a race, what to eat before a run) and inspirational (foc... World" magazine, is a regular speaker on the pre-race pasta dinner circuit, and teaches the basics of r
races:winter_pineapple_classic: 2 Hits
====== Winter Pineapple Classic ====== {{races:winter_pineapple_classic.gif|}} The Winter Pineapple Cl... challenges that participants will not know until race day. The event includes a post-race Hawaiian luau
clubs:association_of_road_racing_statisticians: 2 Hits
e than 500,000 performances from more than 80,000 races by more than 25,000 elite distance runners world... ncludes specific working groups for road records, race results, marathons, ultramarathons, certified courses, race walking, and running history. ===== Links ===== [[|Association of Ro