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races:world_marathon_majors: 7 Hits
t started in 2006. It is comprised of five annual races in Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York C... in more than this number, the athlete's four best races will be scored. At least one qualifying race must... f each series will both win U.S. $500,000. * [[races:Berlin Marathon]], Berlin (Germany) * [[races:B
runners:chinmoy_sri: 7 Hits
world harmony (such as concerts, meditations, and races). His teachings emphasize love for God, daily med... s to ultramarathons. Its precursor was the 1976 [[races:Liberty Torch Run|Liberty Torch Run]], a relay in... as expanded in 1987 to become the international [[races:Peace Run|Peace Run]] (later renamed [[races:Worl
books:beyond_the_marathon: 6 Hits
ers:boeder robert|Robert Boeder]] completed the [[races:grand slam of ultrarunning|Grand Slam of trail ultrarunning]] finishing four 100 mile races in the space of 14 weeks. In "Beyond the marathon", this ... al, and spiritual challenges of completing the "[[races:old dominion 100 miler|Old Dominion 100 Miler]]",
books:the_ultimate_guide_to_international_marathons: 6 Hits
ged California coast in the gorgeous and rugged [[races:big sur international marathon|Big Sur Internatio... ont of the notorious Tower of London during the [[races:london marathon|London Marathon]]. Running and la... dren though East Africa's safari country in the [[races:mount meru marathon|Mount Meru Marathon]]. Grabbi
books:running_in_the_zone: 5 Hits
tor, well known for his race day announcing at "[[races:ironman canada|Ironman Canada]]", the "[[races:va... marathon|Vancouver International Marathon]]", "[[races:royal victoria marathon|Royal Victoria Marathon]]", "[[races:vancouver sunrun|Vancouver SunRun]]" and as on-air commentator for event coverage by nat
races: 4 Hits
====== Races ====== This section contains information about running and other running-related events fro... [|Races index]] ===== Add... ></nowiki>//title of my page//** and click Enter.
races:stockholm_marathon: 4 Hits
e ranking the Stockholm Marathon is followed by [[races:london_marathon|London Marathon]], [[races:berlin_marathon|Berlin Marathon]] and [[races:new_york_city_marathon|New York City Marathon]]. Stockholm g
books:running_colorado_s_front_range: 4 Hits
in "Running Colorado's Front Range" are regional races, running groups, and stores. Veteran runner Brian... " magazine. He has competed in dozens of Colorado races since 1992, ranging from the "[[races:bolder boulder 10k|Bolder Boulder 10k]]" to the "[[races:leadville trail 100|Leadville Trail 100]]" ultramarath
races:trofeo_patxi_ros: 3 Hits
====== Trofeo Patxi Ros ====== {{races:sopelana.gif|}} In 1999 Patxi Ros, sports and naturism lover, tr... ble way during all of the past editions of this [[races:nude_running_events|nude running event]]. =====
runners:bannister_roger: 3 Hits
challenged Andersson over the distance in several races. Wooderson lost to Andersson, but set a British r... d in the 880 yards to 1:52.7 and won several mile races in 4:11. Then, after a period of six weeks with n... g and Arne Andersson, in a series of head-to-head races in the period 1942–45, had already lowered the wo
clubs:boston_athletic_association: 3 Hits
he B.A.A. Track & Field Games in 1897. Thus the [[races:boston_marathon|Boston Marathon]] was born. Toda... s a perennial contender at major New England road races, indoor and outdoor track meets, and cross countr
runners:dreyer_danny: 3 Hits
er and teacher for training groups such as the "[[races:san francisco marathon|San Francisco Marathon]]", the "[[races:aids marathon|Aids Marathon]]", [[clubs:team in training|Team in Training]], U.S.A. Fi
races:nude_running_events: 3 Hits
====== Nude running events ====== * [[races:bare_to_breakers|Bare to Breakers]], [[places:north_americ... tates_of_america|United States of America]] * [[races:trofeo_patxi_ros|Trofeo Patxi Ros]], [[places:eur
runners:pietri_dorando: 3 Hits
en the undisputed leader of Italian long distance races from 5000 metres to marathon distance. {{ runner... ri received requests to participate in exhibition races in the United States. On November 25, 1908, in Ma... r race on March 15, 1909. Pietri won 17 of the 22 races on his tour of America. He returned to Italy in M
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