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races:world_run_day: 15 Hits
====== World Run Day ====== {{}} Founded in 1999 by Long Island runner [[runners:mcdermott_bill|Bill McDermott]], the event is intended to promote the sport of running and charitable giving on one special day each year. Started with just one hundred participant
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====== Women Runners ====== {{books:women_runners.jpg|}} * Authors: Irene Reti, Bettianne Shoney Si... * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369423 "Women Runners: Stories of Transformation", by [[runners:reti irene|Irene Reti]] and [[runners:Shoney Sien Bettianne|Bettianne Shoney Sien]], is an anthology by
runners:chinmoy_sri: 12 Hits
====== Sri Chinmoy ====== {{runners:sri_chinmoy.jpg|}} Sri Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose on Augus... hon Team|Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team]], which holds running, swimming, and cycling events worldwide, from fun runs to ultramarathons. Its precursor was the 1976 [[races:Liberty Torch Run|Liberty Torch Run]
books:beyond_the_marathon: 6 Hits
anguage: English * ISBN: 1884778151 In 1994, [[runners:boeder robert|Robert Boeder]] completed the [[races:grand slam of ultrarunning|Grand Slam of trail ultrarunning]] finishing four 100 mile races i... ", the "[[races:western states 100 mile endurance run|Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run]]", the "[[
books:no_need_for_speed: 5 Hits
eople will tell you lots of good reasons to start running: lose weight, get fit, have a healthier heart... hose happen to be just about the worst reasons to run. I've heard runners talking to non-runners. Runners almost always start by telling the would-be runner about all the legitimate-sounding reasons to r
books:see_mom_run: 5 Hits
====== See Mom Run ====== {{books:see_mom_run.jpg|}} * Author: Kara Douglass Thom, illustrated by L... English * ISBN: 1891369407 Finally, a book on running that active parents can read to their kids (o... l possible. Penny makes pancakes after mom's long runs (with batter all over the kitchen). She orchestr
runners:mcdermott_bill: 5 Hits
====== Bill McDermott ====== {{runners:bill_mcdermott.jpg|}} Bill McDermott is a thirty-five year running veteran and founder of the international running event [[races:World Run Day]]. After six years of pursuing a run-for-charity vision and "testing the waters," he is motivated to bringing the conc
books:running_in_the_zone: 5 Hits
====== Running in the zone ====== {{books:running_in_the_zone.jpg|}} * Authors: Steve King, Dan Cum... e: English * ISBN: 1412068576 Imagine yourself running a marathon! Now imagine doing it in 2:47:02 -... actly what one of the twenty-six contributors to "Running in the Zone" did. If that is too hard to imag
runners:bannister_roger: 5 Hits
ish former athlete best known as the first man to run the mile in less than 4 minutes. Bannister became... arrow, London. Bannister was inspired by miler [[runners:wooderson sydney|Sydney Wooderson]]'s remarka... rpassed during the war years by the great Swedish runners [[runners:andersson arne|Arne Andersson]] and
books:running_colorado_s_front_range: 4 Hits
====== Running Colorado's Front Range ====== {{books:running_colorado_s_front_range.jpg|}} * Author... 003) * Language: English * ISBN: 0971774897 "Running Colorado's Front Range", written by [[runners:metzer brian|Brian Metzler]], offers runners of all abilities insights on the best places to run in
terminology:treadmill: 3 Hits
orting equipment used to allow for the motions of running or walking while staying in one place. The wo... lectric motor or flywheel connected to a circular run of material) where the top of the belt moves to the rear so as to allow a runner to run an equal, and necessarily opposite speed. Thus the speed of t
books:the_runner_and_the_path: 3 Hits
====== The Runner and the path ====== {{books:the_runner_and_the_path.jpg|}} * Author: Dean Ottati ... the valuable things we all leave undone. Through running, he examines love, family, and the very fabri... en and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" meets [[runners:sheehan george|George Sheehan]]'s "[[books:ru
books:on_the_dead_run: 3 Hits
====== On the Dead Run ====== {{books:on_the_dead_run.jpg|}} * Author: Steven A. Simon * Paperbac... guage: English * ISBN: 0738839639 "On the Dead Run" is an action-packed murder mystery set in the mo... st trails nearby. The book - the first novel by [[runners:simon stepven|Steven A. Simon]], who worked e
races:new_york_city_marathon: 3 Hits
ork City Marathon is an annual marathon foot-race run over a 42,195 meters (26.2 mile) course through a... in 2006, was also the largest marathon race ever run. Along with the Boston Marathon and Chicago Marat... it is among the pre-eminent long-distance annual running events in the United States and is one of the