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====== Runner's World ====== "Runner's World" is a globally circulated monthly magazine for recreational runners, published by Rodale Press. In addition to the printed magazine, the magazine's web sites have provided a valuable resource for runners, including thorough running race event calendars. "Runn
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====== The Runner's High ====== {{books:the_runner_s_high.jpg|}} * Author: Garth Battista * Paperbac... ) * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369490 The runner's high is a marvelous side-effect of running, tho... t breathing during running is an act of prayer. A runner on a tropical beach finds her surroundings metamo
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====== Parker, John L., Jr. ====== {{runners:john_l_parker_jr.jpg|}} John L. Parker Jr. is the author of the highly acclaimed novel [[books:Once a Runner]] and [[books:Again to Carthage]]. He has written for [[magazines:Outside]], [[magazines:Runner's World]], [[magazines:Running Times]], and numerous o
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e just about the worst reasons to run. I've heard runners talking to non-runners. Runners almost always start by telling the would-be runner about all the legitimate-sounding reasons to run. For some reason, runners are afraid to tell people the real reason they run. We like it! We really like it". With s
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====== Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners ====== {{books:performance_nutrition_for_runners.... 2005) * Language: English * ISBN: 1594862184 Runners have different nutrition and recovery needs than... resource specifically addressing their concerns. "Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners" by [[r
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====== The Gift - A Runner's Story ====== {{books:the_gift_a_runner_s_story.jpg|}} * Author: Paul Maur... uage: English * ISBN: 1411669258 "The Gift - A Runner's Story" by [[runners:maurer paul|Paul Maurer]] is a novel that centers on runner Brett Rodgers and his quest for personal and athletic redemption. T
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dog, Sam. He is the author of “[[books:The Gift A Runner's Story|The Gift - A Runner's Story]]”, the first... ==== * Maurer, Paul (2006). [[books:The Gift A Runner's Story|The Gift - A Runner's Story]].
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es the essence of the lives of highly competitive runners: [[books:Once a Runner]] by [[runners:parker l. ... aited sequel to this cult running novel. "Once a Runner" is the story of collegiate miler Quenton Cassidy... race. Over the years, word of mouth spread among runners, and dog-eared copies of the book were passed ar
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ines:running times|Running Times]]", "[[magazines:runner's world|Runner's World]]" and other running journals. Dreyer is an accomplished ultramarathon runner and has raced every distance from ten kilometers ... fe and the foundation of what he teaches. "A good runner leaves no footprints". ===== Bibliography =====
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* Language: English * ISBN: 189136930X Every runner knows this, and marvels at it, and finds it hard ... all our pursuits. They are stories to ignite the runner's soul. They are motivational, inspirational, and... nners and grizzled veterans alike. In this book [[runners:Battista_garth|Garth Battista]] - the editor of
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r the last half-mile, the entire course is rural. Runners are treated to panoramic views of the valley, fl... Marathon has earned a reputation for outstanding runner support, attention to detail, and a beautiful poi... t course. In its January 2002 issue, [[magazines: runner's world|Runner's World]] magazine named the Napa
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====== Prefontaine, Steve ====== {{runners:steve_prefontaine.jpg|}} Steve Roland Prefontaine (January 25,... 30, 1975), nicknamed Pre, was an American Olympic runner and considered perhaps the most loved American runner of all time, having inspired a running boom during the 1970s. Born and raised in Coos Bay, Oreg
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7 "Running Colorado's Front Range", written by [[runners:metzer brian|Brian Metzler]], offers runners of ... gional races, running groups, and stores. Veteran runner Brian Metzler also shares his knowledge and advic... ado trails. Founding editor of "[[magazines:trail runner magazine|Trail Runner Magazine]]" and "[[magazine
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beautiful race courses in America" by [[magazines:runner_s_world|Runner's World]] magazine, the Towpath Ma
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