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sh * ISBN: 1891369350 Since May 6, 1954 when [[runners:bannister roger|Roger Bannister]] broke through t... eyond: The Mystique of the Four-Minute Mile" by [[runners:denison jim|Jim Denison]] contains interviews wit... reat milers, from Bannister to his great rival, [[runners:landy john|John Landy]], to the stars of each suc
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arrow, London. Bannister was inspired by miler [[runners:wooderson sydney|Sydney Wooderson]]'s remarkable ... rpassed during the war years by the great Swedish runners [[runners:andersson arne|Arne Andersson]] and runners:hagg gunder|Gunder Hagg]], Wooderson regained his old form and challenged Andersson over the di
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====== Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners ====== {{books:performance_nutrition_for_runners.j... 2005) * Language: English * ISBN: 1594862184 Runners have different nutrition and recovery needs than ... ncerns. "Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners" by [[runners:fitzgerald matt|Matt Fitzgerald]] i
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====== Women Runners ====== {{books:women_runners.jpg|}} * Authors: Irene Reti, Bettianne Shoney Sien ... * Language: English * ISBN: 1891369423 "Women Runners: Stories of Transformation", by [[runners:reti irene|Irene Reti]] and [[runners:Shoney Sien Bettianne|Bettianne Shoney Sien]], is an anthology by and
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====== Sri Chinmoy ====== {{runners:sri_chinmoy.jpg|}} Sri Chinmoy, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose on August 27... orch Run|Liberty Torch Run]], a relay in which 33 runners marked America's bicentennial by covering 8800 mi... , the run's U.S. spokesman was Olympic champion [[runners:lewis carl|Carl Lewis]]. In 1978, Sri Chinmoy re
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ally circulated monthly magazine for recreational runners, published by Rodale Press. In addition to the pr... s web sites have provided a valuable resource for runners, including thorough running race event calendars.... ner's World" was originally launched in 1966 by [[runners:Anderson Bob|Bob Anderson]] as "[[magazines:Dista
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tralia:victoria:melbourne|Melbourne]] in October. Runners head along Wellington Parade South; up to and alo... nston Street and heading out along St Kilda Road. Runners will then head along St Kilda Road to Fitzroy Str... nsfield Parade intersection with Jacka Boulevard, runners will veer right and then follow the beach road al
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====== Pietri, Dorando ====== {{runners:dorando_pietri.jpg|}} Dorando Pietri, often wrongly spelled Petri ... races from 5000 metres to marathon distance. {{ runners:dorando_pietri_portrait.jpg }} Dorando Pietri tr... minutes were needed for that last 350 metres. {{ runners:dorando_pietri_finish.jpg }} {{ runners:dorando_
books:the_penguin_brigade_training_log: 6 Hits
nning brings joy and fitness and a better life. [[runners:bingham john|John "The Penguin" Bingham]]'s witty... en the clarion call for a phenomenal surge of new runners. He has been called "the Pied Piper of the Second... ner's World]]" magazine inspire slow and mid-pack runners to take pride in their running. As his fame grows
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e just about the worst reasons to run. I've heard runners talking to non-runners. Runners almost always sta... itimate-sounding reasons to run. For some reason, runners are afraid to tell people the real reason they ru... We really like it". With such an introduction, [[runners:bingham john|John Bingham]], "the patron saint of
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====== Runners ====== This section contains information about all time famous runners. [[|Runners index]] ===== Add a ne... ></nowiki>//last and first name//** and click Ent
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7135977X In the years since the late physician [[runners:sheehan george|George Sheehan]] began to celebrat... n-depth clinical coverage of the medical needs of runners. Supplanting the scattered and often imprecise in... nd tips that can also help trainers, coaches, and runners themselves. This valuable publication by [[runner
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====== Parker, John L., Jr. ====== {{runners:john_l_parker_jr.jpg|}} John L. Parker Jr. is the author of ... the three-mile, and was a teammate of Olympians [[runners:shorter frank|Frank Shorter]], [[runners:bacheler jack|Jack Bacheler]], and [[runners:galloway jeff|Jeff Galloway]] on several national championship
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ook. That is exactly what they did according to [[runners:galloway jeff|Jeff Galloway]], former Olympian an... ng the circumstances. The book was developed by [[runners:king steve|Steve King]] (runner, triathlete and r... l and international television networks) and by [[runners:cumming dan|Dan Cumming]] (average but avid runne
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