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terminology:canicross: 2 Hits
====== Canicross ====== Canicross is the sport of cross-country running while hitched to a dog. It is po... n Europe. It is related to the winter dog-powered sport of skijoring, wherein a skier is hitched to one t
races:world_run_day: 2 Hits
McDermott]], the event is intended to promote the sport of running and charitable giving on one special d... in the running community that hope to elevate the sport of running in their community while also promotin
apparel:nike_air_native_n7: 2 Hits
" programs on Native American lands that leverage sport to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The ... issues with the positive antidote of movement and sport." The Nike Air Native N7 is a Nike+ enabled fitness shoe designed for a range of sports and activities. The Nike Air Native N7 is only be available
books:no_need_for_speed: 1 Hits
s who have learned that the greatest joy in their sport comes not from how fast they go or how thin they
books:textbook_of_running_medicine: 1 Hits
to celebrate virtues and values of his much loved sport in classic guides such as "[[books:Dr. Sheehan on... logy:orthopedic|orthopedics]] manuals and general sports medicine texts, this authoritative and expert-au
resources:runnerplus: 1 Hits
If you use running systems such as the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit or Garmin Forerunner, then you will benefit e
books:marathon_training_guide: 1 Hits
====== Marathon Training Guide ====== Science in Sport, a sports nutrition company, have collaborated wi... nload from the SiS website: The eBook is aimed ... to prepare effectively and safely for endurance challenges such as marathons and cycling sportives. ----
clubs:olympic_committee_of_kosovo: 1 Hits
ly established in 2003 by Law No. 2003/24 "Law on Sport", five years before Kosovo became an independent
books:kids_running: 1 Hits
chers) all they need to know about this wonderful sport: getting started, training, fun runs, races, prop 1 Hits
Runner's World]] website devoted to promoting the sport of running for kids so that they can enjoy the be
apparel: 1 Hits
ssary gadgets a runner might need to practice the sport. [[
books:the_athletic-minded_traveler: 1 Hits
lobetrotting as business entrepreneurs, endurance sport coaches and competitive triathletes. Both write m
magazines:track_and_field_news: 1 Hits
. The magazine has the motto of "The Bible of the Sport". Each year the magazine's world rankings of top
runners:henderson_joe: 1 Hits
. He has authored and coauthored more than two dozen books about the sport of running and fitness. ----