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books:running_colorado_s_front_range: 25 Hits
o run in and around [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:colorado:denver|Denver]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:colorado:aurora|Aurora]], [[places:north_america:united_states_o... ster|Westminster]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:colorado:littleton|Littleton]], [[plac
books:fun_on_foot_in_america_s_cities: 15 Hits
Cities covered are: [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:massachusetts:boston|Boston]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:new york:new york city|New York City]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:pennsylvania:philadelphia|Philadelphia]], [[places:north_america:united
apparel:running_shoes_recycling_programs: 14 Hits UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * **Central Florida Gliders Running... 201-319, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714 (United States of America), e-mail: http:... ost Office Box 185, Locke, New York 13092 (United States of America), phone: +1 (607) 255-0202, e-mail: dr
races:oyster_racing_series: 13 Hits
ently held in: * [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:colorado:denver|Denver]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:colorado|Colorado]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america|USA]] * [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california:san_francisco|San Francisco
books:women_runners: 8 Hits
run up volcanoes in [[places:north america:united states of america:hawaii|Hawaii]], traverse the Rocky Mo... ite Park, along the [[places:north america:united states of america:oregon|Oregon]] coast, in the cities o... e hills of southern [[places:north america:united states of america:california|California]], the mountains
races:napa_valley_marathon: 7 Hits
e-growing region in [[places:north america:united states of america:california|California]], [[places:north america:united states of america|U.S.]]. It begins in [[places:north america:united states of amer... igh School in north [[places:north america:united states of america:california:napa|Napa]]. Except for the
races:towpath_marathon: 5 Hits
me one of Northeast [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:ohio|Ohio]]'s premier marathons for a ... ail located between [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:ohio:akron|Akron]] and [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:ohio:cleveland|Cleveland]]. It is one of few marathons that take pl
races:bare_to_breakers: 5 Hits
g events]] held in [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california:san_francisco|San Francisco]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california|California]] ([[places:north_america:united_states_of_america|United States of America]]). ===== Links ===== [[
races:nude_running_events: 5 Hits
Bare to Breakers]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california:san_francisco|San Francisco]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california|California]], [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america|United States of America]] * [[races:trofeo_patxi_ros|Trofeo Patxi Ros]],
races:four_bridges_half_marathon: 4 Hits
hon features one of [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california|California]]'s most scenic ... iful Lake Natoma in [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california:folsom|Folsom]] (15 miles east of [[places:north_america:united_states_of_america:california:sacramento|Sacramento]] near Folso
books:beyond_the_marathon: 4 Hits
r|Old Dominion 100 Miler]]", the "[[races:western states 100 mile endurance run|Western States 100 Mile En... of years in universities in Africa and the United States, he now works for the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg, Nor
races:winter_pineapple_classic: 3 Hits
held in November in [[places:north america:united states of america:washington:seattle|Seattle]], [[places:north america:united states of america:washington|Washington]]. The course challenges teams to navi
races:north_american_wife_carrying_championship: 3 Hits
place in October in [[places:north america:united states of america:maine:bethel|Bethel]], [[places:north america:united states of america:maine|Maine]]. Teams are comprised of a male and female competitor,
terminology:jogging: 3 Hits
wn as I passed on my morning jog". In the United States jogging was also called "roadwork" when athletes ... the concept of jogging as exercise to the United States in 1962. Bowerman published the book Jogging in 1... as an exercise for everyone throughout the United States. Jogging is a "high-impact" exercise that places
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