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pionships at White City before 47,000 people. The time set a meet record and he defeated defending champ... n an 880 on 28 May in 1:53.00, then a 4:10.6 mile time-trial on 7 June, proclaiming himself satisfied wi... days before the Olympic final, he ran a 3/4 mile time trial in 2:52.9, which gave him confidence that h
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tember 1904 the most famous Italian runner of the time, Pericle Pagliani, took part in a race in Carpi. ... s and 38 minutes, an extraordinary result for the times. The London marathon measured 42.195 kilometers,... mpires redirected him, he fell down for the first time. He got up with their help, in front of 75,000 tr
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1 Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 Col... Col 3 | ^ Heading 4 | no colspan this time | | ^ Heading 5 | Row 2 C
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e DeMar ====== Clarence DeMar (1888-1958), seven-time winner of the [[races:boston marathon|Boston Mara... arathoners, DeMar is remembered as one of the all-time greats. No other marathoner has won seven times a... ould be the very best... as he was during his lifetime. ===== Links ===== [[http://www.clarencedemar.c
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re-evaluates his relationship to work, his use of time, his marriage, his bond with his young son. He pe... mily, work, love, solitude, money, happiness, and time. His conversation with running "mystic, sages, an
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ent of the Nike Air Native N7 comes at a critical time for the health and well-being of the Native Ameri... such diseases. The fact that Nike has been a long-time advocate for physical activity on Native Lands th
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+ footwear connected to iPod nano, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. Th
races:spartan-sprint-indiana: 1 Hits
rt zone!!! **Distance:** Around 4 miles. Fastest time = 35 minutes. **Start Times:** Heats start at 9a
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ey run as a form of meditation, for introspective time alone. They run because they love to run. They ru
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==== This section contains information about all time famous runners. [[
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ess perceived effort, experience reduced recovery time and enjoy a smooth, efficient running form. [[run
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, reaching over 100,000 copies in print—with many times that number of readers. Now, finally, there is ... young lawyer in south Florida, spending his spare time fishing and skin diving in the Bahamas. As pleasa