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[[magazines:Runner's World]], [[magazines:Running Times]], and numerous other publications. He was the Southeastern Conference mile champion three times, and the United States Track and Field Federation n... aham, an editorial director at [[magazine:Running Times]] magazine, and an editor and publisher. He lives
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tten for such publications as [[magazines:Running Times|Running Times]], [[magazines:Men's Fitness|Men's
runners:dreyer_danny: 3 Hits
r, and has been published in "[[magazines:running times|Running Times]]", "[[magazines:runner's world|Run
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r, a gifted athlete, committed suicide, "New York Times" reporter [[runners:johnson kirk|Kirk Johnson]] s... or, a Pulitzer-nominated writer for the "New York Times", lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and
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s and 38 minutes, an extraordinary result for the times. The London marathon measured 42.195 kilometers, ... of 75,000 trembling spectators. He fell four more times, and every time was helped up by the umpires. In
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bruary 2007, Rodale acquired "[[magazines:Running Times Magazine]]" with the objective of getting the mag
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, reaching over 100,000 copies in print—with many times that number of readers. Now, finally, there is a
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ound 4 miles. Fastest time = 35 minutes. **Start Times:** Heats start at 9am with up to 250 racers and c
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ll-time greats. No other marathoner has won seven times at Boston. His seventh victory in Boston came in
races:north_american_wife_carrying_championship: 1 Hits
e the wife's weight in beer and the wife's weight times 5 in cash. The origin of the competition is base
books:on_the_dead_run: 1 Hits
others that she can make it on her own. The good times are short-lived, however, as a controversial poli
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so Seeley]]. "Marathon & Beyond" is published six times a year by 42K(+) Press, Inc., based in Champaign,
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blication developed into a magazine published six times per year. Anderson published the magazine by hims
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