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books:the_runner_s_high: 4 Hits
====== The Runner's High ====== {{books:the_runner_s_high.jpg|}} * Author: Garth Battista * Paperb... guage: English * ISBN: 1891369490 The runner's high is a marvelous side-effect of running, though mys... ely the time his father passed away. The runner's high leads one man onward to find an even higher power
terminology:anaerobic: 2 Hits
giving them greater performance in short duration-high intensity activities. Aerobic exercise, on the o... -acid system is the dominant energy system during high to maximal intensity exercise over short duration
books:women_runners: 1 Hits
tion through it. The runners in these stories are high school girls. They are women in their seventies.
races:north_american_wife_carrying_championship: 1 Hits
erienced teams and all winners to date employ the highly-technical Estonian carry, which has the woman u... obstacle, and then downhill and over two 39-inch high log hurdles. The course is relatively flat with s
races:napa_valley_marathon: 1 Hits
the historic Silverado Trail to finish at Vintage High School in north [[places:north america:united sta
magazines:track_and_field_news: 1 Hits
[[terminology:athletics]] in the U.S.A. from the high school to national level and all international ev
apparel:jog_bra: 1 Hits
ce of damage to the ligaments of the chest during high-impact exercises, such as [[terminology:jogging]]
magazines:distance_running_news: 1 Hits
===== Distance Running News ====== In 1966, as a high school senior in Overland Park, Kansas, young [[r
terminology:jogging: 1 Hits
yone throughout the United States. Jogging is a "high-impact" exercise that places strain on the body,
runners:mcdermott_bill: 1 Hits
and. In Kinnelon, New Jersey, he co-captained the high school track and cross-country teams, and was nam