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ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-10-20 — Reggio Emilia. "Ultramaratona del Tricolore, Kohler Engines Cup".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WISCONSIN — 2018-10-20 — Door County. "The Fall 50". The Fall 50 is designed to be a daylong running adventure set against the colorful backdrop of Door County, Wisconsin during peak Fall colors. Participants may compete as members of a team of 2-5 runners or as a solo ultra-marathoner. The course starts at the northern tip of the Door County peninsula at Gills Rock. The starting line is in front of the Shoreline Restaurant, just up the hill from the Washington Island Ferry parking lot. The course travels south primarily on back roads along the western shoreline. It passes through quaint villages and beautiful park areas including Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Peninsula Park, Fish Creek, Juddville, Egg Harbor, Murphy Park, Little Harbor, Old Stone Quarry Park and finally Sturgeon Bay. The Fall 50 has a wave start. All solo runners will start at 7 am while the teams will start in one of four waves at 7:45 am, 8:30 am, 9:15 am or 10:00 am. In the first week of October, the teams will be assigned a start time based on their anticipated “team pace”, with the slowest teams starting earlier and the fastest teams starting later. This approach will concentrate the arrival of most participants to the finish line between 4 and 6pm on Saturday. Team pace is calculated by taking the average of the team members’ paces. The finish line celebration will begin at 1 pm at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay beneath a massive big top tent. Participants will cross the finish line directly in front of the party tent to the cheers and jeers of fellow runners. A DJ will be playing music and announcing the names of finishers for the friends, family, teammates and competitors waiting beneath the tent. The finish line buffet will include beer, soda, and pizza. Admission to the party tent is free of charge to participants. Family and friends may enter the tent for a fee – $20 for adults, $10 for children ages 7-17, children age 6 & under are free. The awards ceremony will take place at 6:30 pm.

MAURITANIA — 2018-10-20 — Ouadane. "Trans 333". October 20 marks the 20th anniversary of the Trans 333. It is a historical edition, sharing exceptional and indescribable moments - 333km and 160km non stop in the Mauritanian desert.

TURKEY — 2018-10-20 — Urgup. "Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail". An Ultra-Trail World Tour® event, passing through high plateaus and valleys of Cappadocia to run it from one side to the other!

SOUTH KOREA — 2018-10-20 — Jeju City. "Trans Jeju". This is the biggest ultra distance trail event on the volcanic island Jeju, South Korea. Participants will run through the Hallasan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage), which is extremely diverse: at various altitudes there are more than 1800 species of subtropical, temperate and subarctic plants flourishing on the Halla volcano (the highest mountain in South Korea) that change distinctly with four seasons, offering runners ever-changing scenery. Surrounding the mountain's peak is the world's largest forest of Abies Koreana, which have become popular today as Christmas trees. This ultra offers majestic views, including the crater lake called Baekrokdam and Youngsil Giam, a cliff composed of weird-shaped rocks. 2018 Trans Jeju will be held on 56km, 111km races and this is the longest trail running course in Korea with roughly 1000 competitors from more than 30 countries who have participated in this race. Come and join us for Trans Jeju on October 20-21 2018.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NORTH CAROLINA — 2018-10-20 — Greensboro. "Triple Lakes Trail Race". Now in the 14th year, this event is a favorite of all North Carolina trail runners. We have seem blazing fast times but don’t be fooled the course isn’t a walk in the park. The race is also perfect for the beginner trail runner because of the gorgeous scenery. The backdrop for the race is Bur Mil which is a great place for the family to come spend the day in the park while you are off running in the woods. Bur Mil has 3 par golf course, driving range, great playground and nature center. The event has 3 races including half marathon, marathon and 40 mile. The Marathon and 40 also feature a relay division so grab a couple of buddies on take on this race as a relay. We have a great post race feast and beer awaiting all finishers. The race medals and race shirts are also sure to be among the best you’ve seen.

ITALY LAZIO — 2018-10-28 — Viterbo. "China Francigena".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2018-10-28 — Andorno Micca (Biella). "Monte Casto Trail".

ITALY SICILIA — 2018-11-03 — Ragusa. "100 km della Val di Noto".

ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE — 2018-11-04 — Carhu. "Vuelta al lago Epecu". Sunday, November 4, 2018, in the ruins of Villa Epecu.

NEPAL — 2018-11-04 — Lukhla. "Everest Trail Race". The Everest Trail Race (ETR) is a foot race with several stages, with free style and technical material self-sufficiency. Along six days runners must cover a distance of approximately 160 km, with a difference in altitude of more than 29,000 m. Each participant must carry their personal equipment and materials required, established in the Regulations of the ETR. The ETR takes place in the Himalayas of Nepal and specifically in the area of Solukhumbu, between 2000 and 4100 meters altitude. It is divided into six stages of approximately 22 km, 24 km, 37 km, 28 km, 20 km and 30 km, respectively, and the daily difference in altitude (+/-) goes from 3200 to 6600 m. Certainly this is a demanding race, suitable for those who want to test their physical and psychic abilities in a unique environment. The ETR is a race with free style. For this reason it is recommended to both elite athletes and mountain walkers with a good physical condition.

BAHAMAS — 2018-11-10 — Exuma. "Exuma Marathon, Featuring The Run for Pompey". Exuma Marathon, Featuring the Run for Pompey takes place in Exuma, Bahamas on November 10th, 2018. In its third year, this race was brought about to honor Pompey, a National Hero to The Bahamas who is considered a key precursor to the emancipation in the Bahamas, which occurred in August 1838. The event takes place during National Heroes weekend in The Bahamas. Run For Pompey works to bring support and funds to students in the community of The Exuma islands who do not have access to full educational programs or means to pursue post-secondary studies through the Pompey Scholarship. In addition to the scholarship program, the Run For Pompey Fund works towards providing better educational materials and facilities for the whole community. Run For Pompey was founded by Jeff Todd and Kevin Taylor with Exuma Foundation of Canada in 2015, with a desire to uplift and empower the islands of The Exumas and their 6,000 or so residents. Canadians, Todd and Taylor have been joined by Frankie Ruiz, the co-founder of the Miami Marathon and running guru of Florida, in a quest to create a meaningful event with a goal of promoting community spirit, healthy physical activity as well as raising funds for the Pompey Scholarship. Run For Pompey has a variety of races that are all professionally timed. Those include 2K | 5K | 10K | 22.5K | 42K | 50K. All students wishing to participate run for free! (must present student ID at the time of registration).

MOROCCO — 2018-11-10 — Marrakech. "Morocco Trail Race". Less than 125 miles far from Marrakesh, the Ait Bouguemez valley known as Happy Valley, is verdurous backdrop in the heart of the Central High-Atlas at the foot of the M'Goun peak culminating at +13000ft high. Everything is gathered to offer an exceptional race with wild and colored endless mountain and the warm welcoming of the Berber inhabitants. Morocco Trail Race will be the first ultra-trail to wander those tracks still wild!

ITALY LAZIO — 2018-11-11 — Tivoli (Roma). "Tibur Ecotrail".

SPAIN — 2018-11-11 — Robledillo de la Jara. "Desafío Robledillo". Una carrera por montaña que discurre por el mirador más emblemático de la Comunidad de Madrid, en la que combinaremos el recorrido por un tramo medieval con la ascensión a la Peña de la Cabra por su vertiente sur, siguiendo la arista de pizarras y cuarcitas que crea los espectaculares Canales de la Cabra.

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-11-18 — Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma). "Ultra K Marathon, Salso-Pellegrino".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2018-11-18 — Brescia. "Maddalena Urban Trail".

COSTA RICA — 2018-11-22 — Manuel Antonio. "Costa Rica Trail - La Transtica". The Costa Rica Trail - La Transtica is a multi day Trail race, with a prologue and 5 stages with refreshment and assistance points, night in bivouac for a total distance from 71 mi (117 km) (Adventure Race) to 122mi (200 km) (Extreme Race). The main objective of the race is to discover the Costa Rica and its way of life and to share this experience with the locals through a sporting competition with humanitarian goals. Between two oceans, the race defines itself by a unique crossing of a natural amazing paradise in the discovery of a new culture and way of life, "Pura Vida". Starting from Pacific Coast to reach Caribbean Coast through amazing and varied landscapes combining beaches, valleys, river crossing, rainforests, coffee trees, sugar cane plantations and palm groves. On the way the competitors, will discover an exceptional flora and fauna and will be associated to donations of medical and school equipment, moments of emotion, exchanges and sharing. During the bivouacs, hosted by the local communities, they will enjoy the welcome from Costa Rican people. The Costa Rica Trail, La Transtica: coast to coast from the beach of Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast up to Puerto Viejo de Limon on the Caribbean Coast. The change of scene is amazing; the runners are plunged into the deep heart of Costa Rica far from the tourist standards. In Brief - Type: Ultra Trail in 5 stages. Date: From November 22nd to November 30th, 2018. 11th Edition. Place: Costa Rica. Region: Costa Rica crossing from east to west, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean coast through the mountains and jungle of the Central valley. Extreme race: 200 km from 30 to 48 km per day with a total positive gain of altitude of 9200 m qualifying for 5pts UTMB. Adventure race: 117 km from 20 to 30 km per day with a total positive gain of altitude of 5300 m, qualifying for 3pts UTMB. Competitors: 50 max for 2018.

ANTARCTICA — 2018-11-23 — Larsen Ice Shelf. "The Last Desert". A 6-stage, 250-kilometer self-supported race.

ITALY TOSCANA — 2018-11-24 — Palazzuolo sul Senio (Firenze). "Trail del cinghiale".

CANADA MANITOBA — 2018-11-24 — Churchill. "Polar Bear Marathon". Run in Churchill, Manitoba, the world's polar bear capital - an adventure fun run of a half, full or ultra of 50 km on the edge of the Arctic in Canada's North. Experience a unique running event and culture.

ANTARCTICA — 2018-11-24 — Ellsworth Mountains. "Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100km". Adventure marathoners and ultra athletes are always looking for the next big challenge. It could be a remote desert marathon, a high altitude mountain marathon or a jungle marathon. However, mainland Antarctica represents the last frontier, the final great wilderness to be conquered. And now adventure athletes like you can do it.

CAPE VERDE BOA VISTA — 2018-12-01 — Sal Rei. "Boa Vista Ultra Trail". The Boa Vista Ultra Trail gets underway on the island of Boa Vista in the Cape Verde archipelago on December 1st 2018. The event gives competitors a choice of three courses: the 150-kilometre Ultramarathon which takes them around the periphery of the island, the 70-kilometre Salt Marathon which has its finish-line in one of the island's last-remaining salt pans, and the 42-kilometre Eco Marathon which takes athletes through unspoilt nature encompassing both ocean and desert scenarios. The three courses all share the same unique backdrop and constantly changing terrain: dirt tracks that turn into desert dunes, stony ground that eventually becomes proper road. Runners will be completely unaided throughout because in addition to competing against the clock and the rest of the field, they will also have to grapple with the island's wild landscape and, of course, their own endurance levels. All in all, this is an event that leaves its mark. Boa Vista is the nearest of the Cape Verde islands to the African mainland and, with a population of just over 12,000, is one of the last-surviving unspoilt paradises. This event also offers the perfect opportunity to encounter the authentic nature of this beautiful area - its desert, salt pans, ocean, tiny villages and idyllic landscape are completely unique.

ITALY CAMPANIA — 2018-12-02 — Sorrento (Napoli). "Sorrento-Positano, Ultramaratona della Costiera".

ITALY SICILIA — 2018-12-02 — Cesarò (Messina). "Trail dei Nebrodi, Trail di Mazzaporro".

CHILE — 2018-12-06 — Pucón. "El Cruce". Cross the Andes, linking Argentina and Chile, for a distance of over 100 kms, divided into 3 stages. Since Andes provides many steps through which unite both countries, the route changes every year, maintaining unique geographic settings in the world.

ARGENTINA NORTE NEUQUINO — 2018-12-08 — Andacollo. "Trail del viento". Trail del Viento solo tendrá dos distancias, un Trail (+/-25 km) y un Ultra Trail (+/- 55 km). Creemos fervientemente en nuestra intención de dar un salto de calidad en lo que se refiere a la dureza del circuito. Estamos convencidos desde nuestros inicios que Trail del Viento, su destino final, era una carrera de montaña compleja, mucho mas técnica de lo que fue hasta ahora.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — 2018-12-11 — Dubai. "Al Marmoom Ultramarathon". The Al Marmoom Ultramarathon offers 3 gruelling distances; the world's longest desert ultra-run 270km over 5 days as well as continuous 100km and 50km ultra runs. All three distances are self-sufficient, with water and tents supplied, and across desert terrain in the breath taking Al Marmoom Desert Reserve, Dubai UAE. Terrain will change from hard sand tracks to soft moving dunes, and the route will include overnight camping, 5 stages and regular check points. The Al Marmoom Ultramarathon will test physical strength and mental stamina as participants take in the beautiful desert landscape and spot indigenous and migratory wildlife.

ARGENTINA NEUQUéN — 2018-12-13 — San Martin de los Andes. "La Mision". The 14th edition of La Misión, an authentic adventure, is already underway. Again in the month of December and again in Villa la Angostura... the snowy landscapes return. The most spectacular and exciting trekking expedition in South America and unique in the world for its format that includes four days and three nights! The Mission is an unparalleled sporting event unlike any other race. The essence and spirit of The Mission has to do with the extraordinary experience that one lives during the race in one of the most spectacular scenarios of the Andes Mountains, in the middle of Patagonia Argentina. The Mission is a race that is realized in self-sufficiency and in total freedom since each one chooses its pace of march and where to camping to sleep. A person can complete the whole course just by trekking and stopping to sleep the three nights of the race.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEW JERSEY — 2019-01-05 — Summit. "Watchung Winter Ultra". Run through beautiful Watchung Reservation in north-central NJ. These low-key, minimal-support, informal trail runs will provide an excellent opportunity to test your mid-winter training. Four options: 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or 50K (measurements are approximate).

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2019-01-06 — Trieste. "La corsa della bora".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2019-01-13 — Traversara di Bagnacavallo (Ravenna). "Ultramaratona della pace sul Lamone".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-01-13 — Bione (Brescia). "Winter Trail Monte Prealba".

NEW ZEALAND — 2019-01-18 — Welcome Rock. "Revenant Ultra Adventure Run". Venue: Welcome Rock Southland. 45 minutes south of Queenstown on Kingston Garston Highway #6. Unsupported race for either individual or two person team competitors. 4 laps with a total race distance of more than 190km & a little over 16,000m of vertical ascent. Totals are taken from what we think is the fastest navigated route. We have navigated the course numerous times! Any navigational alternatives may increase overall distance and vertical climb, probably decreasing your chance of success. Total allowable time of 60 hours. The first cut off is enforced after the completion of lap 2 which must be completed by 30 hours. The second cut off is enforced at the end of lap 3 which must be completed by 45 hours. Competitors unable to meet the lap cut off times will not be allowed to continue and will be withdrawn from the race. Unmarked course between a number of checkpoints that MUST be navigated and reached in sequence. There is route choice between checkpoints.

ITALY VENETO — 2019-01-20 — Monteforte d'Alpone (Verona). "Montefortiana, Trofeo Sant'Antonio Abate, Maratonina Falconieri".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-01-27 — Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo). "Ronda Ghibellina".

NEW ZEALAND — 2019-02-06 — Rotorua. "Tarawera Ultramarathon". Haere mai! Welcome to the 11th annual Tarawera Ultramarathon, New Zealand's most prestigious trail ultra. Part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour. Runners can complete the 102, 50km, 20km distances, or the 100 Mile Endurance Run. The event is based in Rotorua New Zealand. There are seven lakes, forests, waterfalls and the most stunning scenery imaginable. The spectacular course runs through places of cultural significance to local Maori people. Around 2000 participants with more than 800 international athletes will compete. Some of the world's best elite trail ultra runners take part. A great first-time challenge, some will run for the personal challenge, train like never before and enjoy that medal at the finish-line. Join us in Rotorua and experience this special land and its people. Welcome to the Tarawera Ultramarathon. Entries open Saturday 1 September at 11 am NZ time. Race week is held from 6-10 February 2019.

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-02-17 — Cortona (Arezzo). "Trail città di Cortona".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-02-24 — Siena. "Terre di Siena Ultramarathon".

ITALY SARDEGNA — 2019-03-10 — Domusnovas (Sud Sardegna). "Trail del Marganai".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-03-16 — Vicenza. "Ultrabericus Trail".

ITALY UMBRIA — 2019-03-17 — Castiglione del Lago (Perugia). "Strasimeno".

HUNGARY — 2019-03-21 — Budapest. "Balaton Szupermaraton". The Lake Balaton Supermarathon is a great race for those who look for real challenges. It is a 4-day-long event, in which the participants run about 48 km each day, 196 km all together. The course leads on a bicycle path and small roads around Hungary's famous lake, the Lake Balaton. Not only individual runners, but also relay teams can take part in the race. The members of the relay teams can freely decide on the daily distances of the teammates. Since 2011 the runners can also join the event only for the weekend, they can take part in the last two days, running the half of the set distance, thus a half circle around the lake. One can join the race only for one day as well and run a marathon enjoying the peaceful country and the views of the lake on Saturday.

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-03-23 — Radda in Chianti (Siena). "Chianti Trail Ultra". Chianti Trail Ultra is a running event in Italy, in the Tuscan countryside near Florence, in the capital of Chianti Classico wine region, Radda in Chianti.

ITALY LIGURIA — 2019-04-06 — Monterosso al Mare (La Spezia). "Sciacche Trail".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-04-07 — Montecchio Vesponi di Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo). "Trail delle Valli Etrusche".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2019-04-25 — Castel Bolognese (Ravenna). "50 km di Romagna".

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2019-04-27 — Cormòns (Gorizia). "Ecomaratona del Collio Brda".

MALTA — 2019-05-04 — Ghajsielem. "Xterra Gozo Trail Run". A coast-hugging, 50km/21km trail-running event that circumvents the island of Gozo, a jewel in the Mediterranean and sister island of Malta. One of the most beautiful venues for a race is in springtime, in the Mediterranean, and the island of Gozo is the perfect mix of beach, cliff-edge, lush valleys and small villages. The race cut-off times are relaxed to encourage beginners to take part, and those wishing to enjoy the trail, rather than race it. The 21km trail is run over the last part of the course, finishing in Ghajnsielem. Avid cyclists are encouraged to participate in the Mountain Bike Challenge that follows the 50km run route.

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-05-05 — Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Varese). "Lago Maggiore International Trail". The Lake Maggiore International Trail is an absolutely magnificent race course, which will take you high above Lake Maggiore, where you will have some seriously crisp, breathtaking views across the mountain tops and over the blue waters of one if Italy's most renowned lakes.

ITALY CAMPANIA — 2019-05-19 — Agerola (Napoli). "Amalfi-Positano Ultratrail".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-05-25 — Firenze. "100 km del Passatore".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2019-05-25 — Forno Canavese (Torino). "Trail del Monte Soglio".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-08 — Forno di Zoldo (Belluno). "Dolomiti Extreme Trail".

PARAGUAY — 2019-06-08 — Melgarejo. "Ultra-Trail Guaraní (UTG)". A non-stop race and nature trails linking the four main paths within the National Park of Ybyturuzú (red trail, trail yellow, orange and blue trail path) of individual participation and has distances for all profiles of athletes, from beginners to trail running and middle distance runners to experienced ultramarathoners over long distances and slopes. Ultra-Trail Guaraní is synonymous of a majestic nature. The impressive Ybyturuzú Hills (in spanish) or Yvytyrusu (in guarani) is constituted by a series of hills lying between Guaira and Caazapá departments of the Republic of Paraguay. Today is one of the main areas of conservation eastern region and is home to both the highest peak (Tres Kandú Hill, 842 m) as one of the higher waterfalls, the Salto Suizo, 40 meters high. Distances are: 10, 22, 50 and 100 kilometers.

SWITZERLAND TICINO — 2019-06-14 — Tesserete. "Scenic Trail". Scenic Trail is officially the best Swiss Trail Running race. Panoramic trails of peerless beauty are the fil rouge along the postcard scenaries of our five races.

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-28 — Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno). "Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Cortina Trail, Ultra Dolomites".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2019-07-26 — Bolzano. "Südtirol Ultra Skyrace".

FRANCE CORSICA — 2019-09-05 — Bastia. "Ultra Corsica". Corsica is a small continent on its own, with oustanding geographical diversity. Within minutes, the landscape is changing from pristine bays, glitzy coastal ports and fabulous sandy beaches to steep rocky peaks, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and dormant hilltop villages. The Ultra Corsica is the only road footrace for ultra-runners that offers the opportunity to run 1000 km around the Island of Corsica in 17 days. It is an extreme physical challenge to run the 1000 km route designed to attract the most competitive ultra-runners from all over the world. Each of the stages of the Ultra Corsica is completely unique from the others due to the amazing geological diversity of the island. The Ultra Corsica is an invitation to live an adventure out of the ordinary by participating to the only Tour de Corse footrace. What better place to meet new friends in the ultra and trail running community? You won't regret joining us for your next wilderness running adventure! You will walk away from our race feeling like you've pushed your limits physically while being visually rewarded as well.

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