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ITALY VENETO — 2019-04-25 — Cornuda (Treviso). "Duerocche".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2019-04-25 — Castel Bolognese (Ravenna). "50 km di Romagna".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-04-26 — Castiglione d'Orcia (Siena). "Tuscany Crossing".

SOUTH AFRICA EASTERN CAPE — 2019-04-26 — Hogsback. "Merrell Hobbit Trail Runs". Date: 90km 26th & 27th April 2019 / 38km & 16km & 5km Saturday 27th April 2019. Start & Finish: Arminel Hotel, Hogsback, Eastern Cape. Entries: / Entries Open: 1st November 2018. Entry Fee: R3700. The Merrell Hobbit Journey is a 2 day staged run of the Amathole Hiking Trail. Just thirty brave journeymen and women share in the adventure covering 90km of varied and magical terrain. From Maden Dam explore the enchanted indigenous forests and intriguing Amathole Mountains up to Cata mountain hut to pass the night with good food, good cheer and tired company. The next morning forge onward past cascading waterfalls and across crystal clear streams while enveloped in glorious vistas, and no small amount of sweat, to finally descend into Hogsback. Meanwhile, the 38km run on Saturday may be referred to as the short one at this event but this phenomenal route is consistently noted as the most value per kilometer trail run in the country. Showcasing an immense variety of terrain and challenges, the course has determined runners building a very special relationship with the ups and downs of mountain running. The 16km and 5km routes are neither flat nor easy, but very doable and see a mixture of racers and casual runners all loving the magical vibe of the forest along well marked routes.

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-04-27 — Milano. "Ultra Milano-Sanremo (UMS)".

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2019-04-27 — Cormòns (Gorizia). "Ecomaratona del Collio Brda".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-04-27 — Pontremoli (Massa-Carrara). "The Abbots Way Ultratrail".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2019-04-27 — Laives (Bolzano). "Laives Leifers Trail".

FRANCE — 2019-04-27 — Lillebonne. "Le Radicatrail". Venez vivre l'intensité les 27 et 28 avril prochains. Le programme : Ultra trail le Radicassant de 123km le samedi matin qualificatif 5 points UTMB®, D+ 3835m; Trail court de 14km le samedi après midi; Trail nocturne de 17km le samedi soir, le Radinoctrail; Trail de 34km le dimanche matin qualificatif 1 points UTMB®; Trail de 60km le dimanche matin qualificatif 3 points UTMB®. Et les fameux défis : Le Petit Défi 51km (17km + 34km) qualificatif 2 points UTMB®; Le Grand Défi 91km (14km + 17km + 60km) qualificatif 3 points UTMB®; Le Super Défi 183km (123km + 60km) qualificatif 6 points UTMB®; Le Crazy Défi 200km (123km + arriver suffisamment tôt pour le nocturne de 17km + 60km) qualificatif 6 points UTMB®. Le Radicatrail c'est aussi des Kids trails le samedi après midi avec garderie ensuite, une marche nordique classée et une randonnée, des hébergements en dortoir avec petit déjeuner compris les vendredi et samedi soir, un village avec animations tout le week-end. 2500 participants en 2018. Renseignements: 02 35 31 93 53.

BELGIUM — 2019-04-27 — Bouillon. "La Bouillonnante". 73km 3250 D+ / 50km 2450m D+ / 29km 1300m D+ / 15km 600m D+ / 5km 150m D+. As past years, we wait for you to sample excellent Belgian beers (school "Croix Blanche de Bertrix") and to feast on with a delicious bread with sausage (Bouillon volleyball). Before and after the awards ceremony (03:00/03:30 pm) party with a Belgian music group.

ITALY SARDEGNA — 2019-04-27 — Pompu (Oristano). "MyLand Ultra Trail".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-04-28 — Firenzuola (Firenze). "Ultra Trail del Mugello".

ITALY PUGLIA — 2019-04-28 — Mattinata (Foggia). "Gargano running week".

NAMIBIA — 2019-04-28 — Swakopmund. "The Namib Race". The Namib Race is a 250-kilometer / 155-mile, six-stage, seven-day, ultramarathon across the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert in Namibia. The race takes place in the Namib Desert in the Skeleton Coast National Park on the coast with the Atlantic Ocean. Competitors will see a great diversity of scenery and terrain including beach where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean and through seal colonies, through salt pans, past salt lakes which are home to flamingos, through the infamous dunes of the Namib desert, into dry riverbeds where a hint of water gives way to lush green vegetation, past deserted oil and diamond mines and across vast open red desert plains and hills.

ITALY SICILIA — 2019-04-28 — Pantelleria (Trapani). "Pantelleria Trail".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WASHINGTON — 2019-05-04 — Tacoma. "Tacoma City Marathon Michelob Ultra". The Puget Sound's Ultimate Weekend Running Festival. The loop Marathon and Half Marathon courses start and finish at Point Ruston the Northwest's premier waterfront neighborhood and entertainment hub. For the first time the Half Marathon will run through Pt. Defiance Park with the Marathon. Choose from a fast 5K race on Saturday, May 4th or an Ultra Marathon (50K). Whatever the distance we have it for you!

MALTA — 2019-05-04 — Ghajsielem. "Xterra Gozo Trail Run". A coast-hugging, 50km/21km trail-running event that circumvents the island of Gozo, a jewel in the Mediterranean and sister island of Malta. One of the most beautiful venues for a race is in springtime, in the Mediterranean, and the island of Gozo is the perfect mix of beach, cliff-edge, lush valleys and small villages. The race cut-off times are relaxed to encourage beginners to take part, and those wishing to enjoy the trail, rather than race it. The 21km trail is run over the last part of the course, finishing in Ghajnsielem. Avid cyclists are encouraged to participate in the Mountain Bike Challenge that follows the 50km run route.

GERMANY — 2019-05-04 — Gumpelstadt. "XTREMMarsch". Hike the Rennsteig nonstop in 2 days (170 km), also MasserbergMarsch (100 km) and AhornMarsch (43 km).

DENMARK — 2019-05-04 — Silkeborg. "Julsø Ultra". Courses: 35 km, 60 km or 50 miles.

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-05-05 — Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Varese). "Lago Maggiore International Trail (LMIT)". The Lake Maggiore International Trail is an absolutely magnificent race course, which will take you high above Lake Maggiore, where you will have some seriously crisp, breathtaking views across the mountain tops and over the blue waters of one if Italy's most renowned lakes. Ultra Trail K 53 D+ 3800 / K 20 D+ 1300.

DENMARK — 2019-05-11 — Allinge-Sandvig. "Salomon Hammer Trail". Hammer Trail is an ultra trail run, held every year on Denmark's rocky island Bornholm.

ITALY CAMPANIA — 2019-05-12 — Ottaviano (Napoli). "Vesuvio Ultra Marathon".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-05-12 — Badia Prataglia (Arezzo). "Sacred Forest Ultratrail".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2019-05-17 — Cantalupo Ligure (Alessandria). "Le porte di Pietra".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2019-05-18 — Cesenatico (Forlì-Cesena). "Nove colli Running".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2019-05-18 — Riva del Garda (Trento). "Garda Trentino Trail".

ROMANIA — 2019-05-18 — Bran. "Transylvania 100km". Mountain ultra-runs through the wilds of Transylvania, starting and finishing at Dracula's Castle.

ITALY CAMPANIA — 2019-05-19 — Agerola (Napoli). "Amalfi-Positano Ultratrail".

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2019-05-19 — Gemona del Friuli (Udine). "Trail tre castelli".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-05-25 — Firenze. "100 km del Passatore, Firenze-Faenza".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2019-05-25 — Forno Canavese (Torino). "Trail del Monte Soglio".

ROMANIA — 2019-05-25 — Muntele Băișorii. "msg Maraton Apuseni". msg Maraton Apuseni offers trail running lovers five races that traverse small mountain villages, hills, rivers and peaks of the Apuseni mountains. Competitors of all ages are awaited year after year, at the basecamp in Băișorii Mountain Resort to run either one of the technical races - ultra marathon, marathon, half marathon or the 7k cross and the family race. ITRA (International Trail Running Association) awards 3 points to ultra marathon finishers and 2 points to marathon racers. Race info: Ultramarathon: length: approx. 73.6 km / Altitude gain: + 3729 m; Marathon: length: 43,7 km / Altitude gain: + 2.557 m; Half Marathon: length: 21,1 km / Altitude gain: + 1.061 m; Cross: Real length: 7 km / Altitude gain: + 440 m; Family: length: 3,2 km / Altitude gain: + 153 m.

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-01 — Costa di Valstagna (Vicenza). "Antico Trail del contrabbandiere".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2019-06-01 — Rango di Bleggio Superiore (Trento). "Comano Ursus Extreme Trail".

UNITED KINGDOM ENGLAND — 2019-06-01 — Naseby. "Shires and Spires Northants Trail Marathon and Ultra-Marathon". Bored of road marathons? Not ready for your first Ultra but would like to experience some of the route? Then we present the multi-terrain marathon. The race is based in the village of Naseby which is famous for the battle in 1645. It follows a 26.6 mile loop taking in some of the Shires and Spires Ultra Route and of course amazing country houses and stunning countryside. We also have the Northants 35 "Shires and Spires" Ultra Marathon the race is based in the village of Naseby too and starts at the village hall. It follows a 35 mile loop taking in some of the most interesting country houses and historical sites in England including Naseby, Althorp (home of the Spencer family), Cottesbrooke, evidently the house Jane Austen used as the basis for Mansfield Park as well as some stunning countryside. Both races are chip timed and benefit from 5 checkpoints along the way with a selection of vegan friendly (and delicious too) sweets, cake, fruit and Secret Training gels, along with our enthusiastic marshal team.

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-06-02 — Casnigo (Bergamo). "Trail degli altipiani".

ROMANIA — 2019-06-07 — Fundu Moldovei. "Ultrabug". Ultrabug is a 100km 3-day, fully supported ultra marathon through the winding mountain footpaths, mineral water streams and remote culture rich villages in the Carpathian mountains, Romania. The race is the first weekend in June. Ultrabug is a qualifying race for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, CCC®, TDS®, OCC. ITRA (International Trail Running Association) awards 3 points to Ultrabug finishers.

ITALY ABRUZZO — 2019-06-08 — Celano (L'Aquila). "Ultra Serra di Celano".

ITALY PUGLIA — 2019-06-08 — Sammichele di Bari (Bari). "Sei ore di Strana Marathon".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-08 — Forno di Zoldo (Belluno). "Dolomiti Extreme Trail". A magical journey, full of emotions in Dolomites, an uncontaminated environment, officially UNESCO world heritage. Due to its circular structure, The Val di Zoldo boasts a ring-shaped route (Anello Zoldano) that allows one to touch some of the most spectacular dolomite massifs that crowns the valley. One can discover wild ad uncontaminated territories: the MEZZODI' group and the National Park of the Dolomities in the Belluno Province, the S. SEBASTIANO-TAMER mountains, and also one of the most colossal rocky sequences of the Dolomites, the MOIAZZA and the CIVETTA. Mount PELMO, isolated and grandious, Mount RITE with the “Museum in the Clouds” - Messner Mountain Museum, and the BOSCO NERO group. Prize for all races will be given to every athlete who: in the 103k will arrive at least at the Duran Pass time barrier 30 km (regardless of the time taken): running leggings ODLO Bottom long; in the 53k will arrive at least at the Staulanza Pass time barrier 37 km (regardless of the time taken): running leggings ODLO Bottom long; in the 23k will complete the course: HAGLOFS Headband or Fanatic Print Cap.

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-08 — Chiampo (Vicenza). "Durona Trail".

ITALY SICILIA — 2019-06-08 — Marina di Cottone di Fiumefreddo (Catania). "Supermaratona dell'Etna".

PARAGUAY — 2019-06-08 — Melgarejo. "Ultra-Trail Guaraní (UTG)". A non-stop race and nature trails linking the four main paths within the National Park of Ybyturuzú (red trail, trail yellow, orange and blue trail path) of individual participation and has distances for all profiles of athletes, from beginners to trail running and middle distance runners to experienced ultramarathoners over long distances and slopes. Ultra-Trail Guaraní is synonymous of a majestic nature. The impressive Ybyturuzú Hills (in spanish) or Yvytyrusu (in guarani) is constituted by a series of hills lying between Guaira and Caazapá departments of the Republic of Paraguay. Today is one of the main areas of conservation eastern region and is home to both the highest peak (Tres Kandú Hill, 842 m) as one of the higher waterfalls, the Salto Suizo, 40 meters high. Distances are: 10, 22, 50 and 100 kilometers.

UNITED KINGDOM ENGLAND — 2019-06-09 — Muddles Green. "Weald Challenge Trail 50k & Half Marathon". The Weald Challenge Trail Races follow the long distance paths of the Wealdway and the Vanguard Way. Both races start and finish in the village of Chiddingly and encompass the surrounding beauty of the Sussex countryside en route. The courses are approximately 75% (half marathon) and 85% (ultra) off-road, and as the runners travel along the picturesque and undulating routes, they will take in a great variety of landscapes containing rolling hills, irregular shaped fields and ancient woodlands. Runners participating in the 50km Ultra Trail race will experience the added bonus of the spectacular views from the open heathland of the Ashdown Forest.

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-06-09 — Pratovecchio (Arezzo). "Trail del Falterona".

ITALY UMBRIA — 2019-06-09 — Foligno (Perugia). "Pale Ultra Trail".

SWITZERLAND TICINO — 2019-06-14 — Tesserete. "Scenic Trail". Scenic Trail is officially the best Swiss Trail Running race. Panoramic trails of peerless beauty are the fil rouge along the postcard scenaries of our five races.

ITALY PUGLIA — 2019-06-16 — Cagnano Varano (Foggia). "Maratona e ultramaratona del Gargano".

PORTUGAL — 2019-06-16 — Ponte da Barca. "Serra Amarela Sky Marathon". Carlos Sá Nature Events®, in partnership with the Municipal Chamber of Ponte da Barca, will organize the second edition of Serra Amarela Sky Marathon on the 16th June 2019. This event will mark the page of one of the sports that grow the most in the World: running in nature. The races will have the distances of 48 km, 33 km, 23 km and 15 km, starting and finishing in the village of Entre Ambos os Rios. Sky Marathon 48 km is the main race. Sky Running, a variant of Trail Running, will take its participants along unspoilt paths, preserved villages, castles, rivers and green vegetation, with incredible views over the water mirrors of Albufeira de Vilarinho das Furnas and Albufeira de Tomante, in this mountainous massif in the only National Park of Portugal - the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Program: 15th June 2018, 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm Race bib distribution (Paços do Concelho, Ponte da Barca); 16th June 2018, 06:00 am to 06:30 am Race bib distribution (48 and 33 km), 06:30 am Obligatory Gear Control (Sky Marathon 48 Km), 07:00 am Start Sky Marathon 48 km and Sky Race 33 km, 07:00 am to 08:30 am Race bib distribution (23 km and 15 km), 09:00 am Start Sky Race 23 km and Mini Sky Race 15 km, 10:30 am Expected arrival of the first athletes Mini Sky Race 15 km, 10:30 am Expected arrival of the first athletes Mini Sky 33 km, 11:00 am Expected arrival of the first athletes Sky Race 23 km, 12:00 noon Expected arrival of the first athletes Sky Marathon 48 km, 01:30 pm Prize giving ceremony.

ITALY LIGURIA — 2019-06-22 — Castiglione Chiavarese (Genova). "Alvi Sea Trail Liguria".

IRELAND — 2019-06-22 — Tralee. "Kerry 100K & 50K Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon and Irish Heart Foundation 10k".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-27 — Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno). "Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Cortina Trail".

AUSTRIA — 2019-06-27 — Gastein. "Infinite Trails". This unique and innovative race format sees pro and amateur runners compete side by side as relay teams of three to claim the adidas INFINITE TRAILS world title. First the runners complete a joint Prologue to determine their start slot for the relay race, which commences with a chasing start. Each team has to tackle a demanding, 120km+ long course consisting of three distinct loops that play to various running strengths. The time stops when the relay runners have raced the final kilometer together and cross the finish line as a team.

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-28 — Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno). "Lavaredo Ultra Trail".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-06-29 — Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). "Ultra Dolomites".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2019-06-29 — Calusco d'Adda (Bergamo). "Canto Ultra Trail".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-06-30 — Pistoia. "Pistoiabetone".

FRANCE CORSICA — 2019-07-04 — Corte. "Restonica Trail". L'Ultra Trail di Corsica 110km; La Restonica Trail 69km; Le Tavignanu Trail 33km; U Giru di Tumbone 15km; L'Andata (marche) 9km.

SWITZERLAND — 2019-07-06 — Verbier. "Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard". After heavy snow this winter every pass are still covered by snow, but it will be ok in July! You can already discover the following parts: Verbier - Sembrancher, Saleinaz - La Fouly, Lourtier - Les Schleurondes. That's the famous last climb, the tough one! You can't reach La Chaux yet but you must turn back at the top of the steep climb or go to Les Schleurondes and go down by the Mayens de Sarreyer.

ANDORRA — 2019-07-19 — Ordino. "Ronda dels cims". Runners traverse the entire Principality of Andorra across its most iconic summits. 170 km, 13.500 m D+, 450 runners, 62h max.

ITALY VALLE D'AOSTA — 2019-07-20 — Saint Oyen (Aosta). "Ultramarathon du Fallere, Tour du Fallere".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2019-07-26 — Bolzano. "Südtirol Ultra Skyrace".

ITALY VENETO — 2019-07-27 — Piovene Rocchette (Vicenza). "Trans d'Havet".

ITALY ABRUZZO — 2019-07-28 — Santo Stefano di Sessanio (L'Aquila). "Ultra maratona del Gran Sasso d'Italia".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2019-07-28 — San Francisco. "The San Francisco Marathon". Find out for yourself when you run the 42nd annual Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. Take in the sites and sounds on your run-cation in San Francisco, while you visit and run with us. This is the premier west coast running event. We are USATF certified and a Boston qualifier. We are hilly, we are fast, scenic and unforgettable. You will join 27,000 other runners and run along the Embarcadero, Fisherman's Wharf and Crissy Field; speed past landmarks like Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park, and AT&T Park; and pound the pavement through San Francisco's liveliest neighborhoods like Haight-Ashbury and The Mission. Choose from 4 distances: Marathon, two Half Marathons, 5k and Ultra Marathon and Run the Bay with us!

MONGOLIA — 2019-07-28 — Ulaanbaatar. "Gobi March". The Gobi March (Mongolia) is one of the four races that comprise the world renowned 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series of 250 kilometer / 155 mile, six-stage, seven-day, self-supported rough-country, endurance footraces. In 2016, the Gobi March celebrated the 50th race of the 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series and in 2018, the Gobi March moved to Mongolia! The Gobi March course is located in the Karakorum region in Central Mongolia. The course takes you through vast green grasslands, stupas and temples, sand dunes, great rock valleys and old forests, while competitors will at times sleep in traditional Mongolian yurts. The Long March will take you through wide Mongolian steppes as you make your way towards the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of the Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape and further to the ancient city of Karakorum, the former capital of Genghis Khan's empire. You can also experience the colourful culture of the Naadam Festival, held during the time of the race.

SOUTH AFRICA WESTERN CAPE — 2019-08-01 — Potberg. "Merrell Whale of Trail Journey". Start & Finish: De Hoop Collection, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape. Distance: 53km over 2 days. Discipline: Ultra Trail Running. Entry Fee: R6800 Day 1 takes you 28km over the Potberg mountain and through fynbos valleys until the coastline calls a stop at the welcoming Noetsie hikers Hut. Continue to explore the wild beach cove or relax around the firepit and put your feet up for the afternoon whale extravaganza put on in the bay. Your overnight bag awaits you as well as a sumptuous feast. After a leisurely breakfast on Day 2, first marvel at the famous athletes flying past as they complete the second half of their route and then join the field of the official Whale of Trail race runners covering 25km of rocky cliff ridges, open beach and flowing coastal path. You however, can divert to investigate the caves if you wish, frolick a while wherever the desire strikes you, and run that beach stretch on fresh legs. Just finish at Koppie Alleen any time before dark! Join the festivities there and back at De Hoop race village.

NORWAY — 2019-08-24 — Tromso. "Tromso Mountain Ultra 50 and HalfUltra25k". Run in wild Arctic nature above the Arctic circle! We invite you to take part in Tromsø Mountain Challenge, one weekend with four races in three days. The mountains of Northern Norway offer some great contrasts: loafer-terrain, mountains and fjords, steep hills and slopes, lush green mountain terraing and a view that offers new strength! Take part in the Triple or choose a single race. We have something for all Levels and ambitions! Are you up for the challenge?

FRANCE CORSICA — 2019-09-05 — Bastia. "Ultra Corsica". Corsica is a small continent on its own, with oustanding geographical diversity. Within minutes, the landscape is changing from pristine bays, glitzy coastal ports and fabulous sandy beaches to steep rocky peaks, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and dormant hilltop villages. The Ultra Corsica is the only road footrace for ultra-runners that offers the opportunity to run 1000 km around the Island of Corsica in 17 days. It is an extreme physical challenge to run the 1000 km route designed to attract the most competitive ultra-runners from all over the world. Each of the stages of the Ultra Corsica is completely unique from the others due to the amazing geological diversity of the island. The Ultra Corsica is an invitation to live an adventure out of the ordinary by participating to the only Tour de Corse footrace. What better place to meet new friends in the ultra and trail running community? You won't regret joining us for your next wilderness running adventure! You will walk away from our race feeling like you've pushed your limits physically while being visually rewarded as well.

ALBANIA — 2019-09-06 — Berat. "The Hidden Treasure". 220km - 6 stages, +8000m / -8000m. Imagine running through cultural mysteries in unexplored nature. Experience the most undiscovered Balkan country, which was just opened for visitors a few years ago. Start the race in the World Heritage city of Berat and finish in the spectacular amphitheatre in the ancient Greek/Roman city and World Heritage Site of Butrint, which is beautifully located at the Ionian Sea. Enter a challenging race off the beaten tracks with stunning scenery. Immerge in a cultural rich country and interact with the locals.

ROMANIA — 2019-09-06 — Cheia. "Ciucas X3". CTA Ciucaş members come to support the amateur community in Romania by organizing the Ciucas X3 event - 21k, 42k, 105k. For 7 years, we have been joining outdoor enthusiasts and mountain lovers.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COLORADO — 2019-09-07 — Eagle. "Mountain Rats". The trail challenge takes place in the mountains, and runners can choose any of the following events: Heavy Half, Marathon or 50K. Located in Eagle, Colorado, a flat, scenic, and fast course known as the Septemberfest 5K is also held in conjunction with this popular event. The Septemberfest 5K will have the same start and finish line as the mountain race, and this event proudly welcomes all ages and abilities including walkers, joggers, and runners. The city's Septemberfest also occurs during this time, so while family and friends enjoy this event, runners can challenge themselves in the rugged mountain race. After the competitors complete the race, they can finally relax and enjoy a hot meal and beer while listening to live music with family, friends, and other participants. All of the proceeds of the event go toward SOS Outreach.

FRANCE — 2019-09-13 — Saint-Nabord. "L'Infernal Trail des Vosges".

CANADA SASKATCHEWAN — 2019-09-14 — Swift Current. "Beaver Flat 50". Beaver Flat 50 is a hilly hard-as-hell trail run at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, SK with over 2300 meters of vertical gain across 50 kilometers. That's almost 8000 feet of total climb. The prairies are flat. This course is #anythingbutflat. Beaver Flat 50 is a tough get-your-feet-wet, wreck-your-shins, and roll-your-ankle kind of run. You're going to love it, hate it, and love it some more. Guaranteed.

PORTUGAL — 2019-09-20 — Serra d'Arga. "Grande Trail Serra d'Arga". The Grande Trail Serra d'Arga is organized by Carlos Sá Nature Events®. It has also the support of the Municipal Chambers of Caminha and Viana do Castelo and the support of Dem, São Lourenço da Montaria, Estorãos, Arga de São João, Arga de Cima and Arga de Baixo. From the 21st to 23rd of September 2019 it will be held several races part of this great event: GTSA 80KM, GTSA 53KM, GTSA 33KM, GTSA 21KM, GTSA 14KM, GTSA Sunset, GTSA Vertical and GTSA Kids. This fantastic races pass through many preserved historic villages such as S. João d Arga, Mosteiro S. João de Arga, Arga de Baixo, Arga de Cima, S. Lourenço da Montaria (and its fantastic river, Âncora) and Dem, belonging to three different municipalities: Caminha, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo. The Serra d'Arga has a territory of 4500 hectares and is part of the mountainous massif of Peneda-Gerês. Also known as the Sacred Mountain due to its centuries-old paths, it hides several kilometers of Roman sidewalks that connect the villages in a unique and magical place! Wildlife is very present here. The Iberian Wolf finds in this massif an excellent refuge. The famous wild horses are hardly seen in such large numbers as in this mountain. The fox and many other animals find their home here. Serra d'Arga has its own microclimate. In Portugal there's no other mountain with so much altitude leaning against the Atlantic. Only ten kilometers separate the sea from the 825m altitude of this mountain at the North of Portugal. Its fabulous waterfalls are an attraction for both walkers and trail runners and even for summer swimmers. The "Pinchos", name for these waterfalls, are already a name easily recognised by most visitors.

ITALY PUGLIA — 2019-09-28 — Cagnano Varano (Foggia). "100 chilometri nel Gargano, Running and nordic walking tra le vie del Promontorio".

TUNISIA — 2019-09-28 — Tozeur. "Ultra Mirage el Djerid 100km". The Ultra Mirage© El Djerid (UMED) is the first 100km Ultra Trail taking place in the stunning Tunisian Sahara desert. A single stage race that takes runners across a wide diversity of terrains, ranging from soft sand, small dunes, rocks, dried river beds, oasis... Runners will have 20 hours to finish the race with very specific deadlines to reach each of the five checkpoints which will be between 15-20km apart. Both medical and technical help as well as water supply will be available at each checkpoint. This race is open to all types of athletes, from professional ultra runners to anyone passionate about ultra trails, with a lot of training of course.

ITALY TOSCANA — 2019-09-29 — Alberese (Grosseto). "Trail Parco Maremma".

CHILE — 2019-09-29 — San Pedro de Atacama. "Atacama Crossing". The Atacama Crossing (Chile), is a 7-day, 6-Stage, 250-kilometer / 155-mile self-supported footrace located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world located in north of Chile. The course of the Atacama Crossing takes competitors across a wide variety of terrain and includes approximately 1,683 meters (5,521 feet) of ascents and 2,508 meters (8,228 feet) of descents over the 7-day race. Starting at 3,300 meters / 10,500 feet above sea level, the course takes competitors through canyons and valleys (including the rainbow coloured Arcoiris Valley, the Valley of Death and the Valley of the Moon), up old Inca roads, past salt lakes and small Chilean villages, and across sand dunes, salt flats and rivers, always surrounded by a range of stunning volcanoes including the iconic Licancabur at 5,920 meters / 19,420 feet. Competitors will race more than 1 mile above sea level, covering the horizontal crossing of the country of Chile (250 kilometers / 150 miles).

FRANCE — 2019-10-05 — Boulieu-lès-Annonay. "Boulieu Trail". Venez découvrir le nord Ardèche sur nos parcours pour tous les niveaux de 12-20-50-100km et aussi le 100km en relais 4.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NORTH CAROLINA — 2019-10-12 — Danbury. "Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock Ultra 50K and 50 Mile Run". Have you had a chance to see the beauty of Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock State Park in the Fall? This race is filled with wooded trails, stream crossings and gorgeous views, representing one of the most beautiful and difficult new races in the country.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ILLINOIS — 2019-10-12 — Vernon Hills. "Des Plaines River Trail Races". Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50 Mile Ultra Marathon along the beautiful and fast Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County, Illinois. This is a truly special running course. The DPR Trail is a wide, crushed gravel track, free of roots and rocks, and very flat. All of the major road crossings are managed by way of bridges or viaducts (with only 4 minor road crossings along the whole 50 Mile course, 2 on the Marathon course, and none for the Half-Marathon course). This is a great track through alternating lush forests and open wetlands. With cool temperatures expected, and given the flat terrain and ideal running surface, you'll find these to be extremely fast courses. Marathon is a Boston Qualifier! Come out and join us for a great run!

IRELAND — 2019-10-19 — Howth. "Howth Summit - Gaelforce 10k". A 10KM TRAIL RUN IN THE CITY? STRANGE BUT TRUE. 10KM TRAIL RUN AROUND HOWTH HILL SUMMIT. This 10km trail run route takes you from Howth village to Howth Hill Summit along rough tracks, grassy trails & sealed roads. VIEWS TO KEEP YOU INTERESTED. You will not have to worry about the boredom of long straight roads and dull scenery. You will be treated to sweeping views, making the climb worth every effort. GIVE YOUR SUMMER TRAINING A NEW FOCUS. Set yourself a goal, whether this is to be your first 10km or your fastest 10km, and get out there over the summer.

EGYPT — 2019-11-15 — Cairo. "100km Pharaonic Race". Start 06.00 am Faiyum, Hawara Pyramid. End at the Giza, Sakkara Pyramid. Participation Fee: single € 120, Team € 60 each runner. Price includes start number, papyrus certificate, medal, service on Pharaonic Race road from start to end point. Each Team & Solo runners will have their own car with a race package.

COSTA RICA — 2019-11-20 — Manuel Antonio. "Costa Rica Trail - La Transtica". The "Costa Rica Trail - La Transtica" is a multi-day trail race, with a prologue and 5 stages with refreshment and assistance points, night in bivouac for a total distance from 71 mi (117 km, Adventure Race) to 122mi (200 km, Extreme Race). The main objective of the race is to discover the Costa Rica and its way of life and to share this experience with the locals through a sporting competition with humanitarian goals. Between two oceans, the race defines itself by a unique crossing of a natural amazing paradise in the discovery of a new culture and way of life, "Pura Vida". Starting from Pacific Coast to reach Caribbean Coast through amazing and varied landscapes combining beaches, valleys, river crossing, rainforests, coffee trees, sugar cane plantations and palm groves. On the way the competitors, will discover an exceptional flora and fauna and will be associated to donations of medical and school equipment, moments of emotion, exchanges and sharing. During the bivouacs, hosted by the local communities, they will enjoy the welcome from Costa Rican people. The "Costa Rica Trail - La Transtica": coast to coast from the beach of Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast up to Puerto Viejo de Limon on the Caribbean Coast. The change of scene is amazing; the runners are plunged into the deep heart of Costa Rica far from the tourist standards. In brief: Ultra Trail in 5 stages. Date: From November 20th to November 30th, 2019. 12th Edition. Place: Costa Rica. Region: Costa Rica crossing from east to west, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean coast through the mountains and jungle of the Central valley. Extreme race: 200 km from 30 to 48 km per day with a total positive gain of altitude of 9300 m qualifying for 5pts UTMB. Adventure race: 120 km from 20 to 30 km per day with a total positive gain of altitude of 5300 m, qualifying for 3pts UTMB. Competitors: 40 max for 2019.

ANTARCTICA — 2019-12-13 — Patriot Hills. "Antarctic Ice Marathon & Half Marathon". Adventure marathoners and ultra athletes are always looking for the next big challenge. It could be a remote desert marathon, a high altitude mountain marathon or a jungle marathon. However, mainland Antarctica represents the last frontier, the final great wilderness to be conquered. And now adventure athletes like you can do it.

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