Code of conduct for athletics officials

The key role of an Athletics Official is to cooperate with other officials in the provision of fair and equitable conditions for the conduct of athletic events under the relevant rules of competition, thereby offering all participants every opportunity to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations.

Officials should at all times act in a decisive, but friendly, manner in their interaction with other officials, competitors, coaches and spectators, respecting the rights of others.

Where necessary, matters of concern should be referred to the appropriate higher authority (e.g. team chief, referee or meeting manager), avoiding as far as possible confrontational situations which could bring the sport into disrepute. In the event of an alleged breach of competition rules the following procedures should apply:

The official involved shall report same as soon as possible to the appropriate referee.

Should it be necessary to speak to a competitor or member of the public (e.g. spectator or coach) then the referee or official should first call the alleged offender aside (i.e. out of hearing of other persons) and then in a clear but appropriate manner advise that person of the relevant competition rules. It is essential that the goodwill of competitors and public be maintained at all levels of competition.

All officials have the responsibility of keeping up to date with any changes in the relevant competition rules and should not hesitate to seek the advice of others if the need arises.

Officials should never smoke while officiating, nor consume alcoholic beverages so soon before competition that it affects their competence or prior to the end of officiating duties for the day.

Official's dress should be appropriate to the standard and nature of the competition.

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