A man in a hurry

  A man in a hurry
Author: Nick Harris, Helen Harris, Paul Marshall
Paperback: 302 pages
Publisher: De Coubertin Books (2012)
Language: English
ISBN: 0956431372
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For half a century, Edward P. Weston was one of the most famous people in the English-speaking world as the first age of international celebrity unfolded. The godfather of the pedestrianism movement - a sport that took the Victorian world by storm - he criss-crossed Britain and America on foot earning fame, fortune and notoriety in an athletic career that saw him complete some of the most amazing endurance feats ever witnessed. The book's co-authors are Nick Harris, chief sports news correspondent of the Mail on Sunday, editor of, and SJA Internet Sports Writer of the Year; Helen Harris, journalist by training and former national press officer for Britain's largest natural history charities; and Paul Marshall, an historian who became interested in Victorian race-walking when researching the life of an ancestor, and editor of Together they have skillfully recreated a vanished world to tell one of the most amazing stories in sporting history.

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