Best half-marathons

  Best half-marathons
Author: David Holt
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: David Holt (2002)
Language: English
ISBN: 0965889769
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Half marathon runner David Holt's follow up to "10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing: The Running Pyramid" will prepare you to race your first half marathon or your fastest half marathon. Lifetime runner and orthopedic nurse brings wisdom and insights to the variety of training used for half marathon training. "Best half-marathons" features training programs and training science for runners and joggers of all abilities to successfully complete or race the half-marathon, which is more popular than the marathon. The book includes types of training to prepare yourself for the half marathon; training programs at 25 to 60 miles per week, for runners, walkers and joggers; injury prevention tips; motivation; stretching; 19 health benefits from exercise; 40 pages on cross training; and training to race the 30K or 20 miles.

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